7 Ways to Score with Football Campaigns

by Julie Foley Second Street

Advertisers To Target

There are dozens of advertisers eager to be a part of your football campaign and get their brand out in front of this passionate audience.

Football Advertisers to Target

Make A Plan

When you set yourself up with a plan, you can drive more revenue than ever before.

$50K Revenue Plan

$75K Revenue Plan

$100K Revenue Plan

Create a Campaign

Bundling multiple promotions and interactive content together will set you up for big success on a number of levels. A fully-integrated football campaign lasts the entirety of the football season, meaning you will deliver heavy branding for your advertisers for the full five-month season.

Create a Campaign

Put together a campaign that works for you and your market. There is no wrong way to run a football engagement campaign, but the bigger the better. Florida Times-Union Media – under The Florida Times Union – is the ideal example of creating a well-rounded and successful campaign. During the 2016 season, they ran a Pro Football Pick’em that brought in $50K in revenue and 60 new advertiser accounts. They did this through deliberate planning when building their football campaign after watching the 2016 Football Webinar.

Offer Multiple Sponsorship Opportunities

Offering a tiered sales layout is a great way to offer multiple sponsorship opportunities.

Offer Multiple Sponsorship Opportunities

Times-Union Media exemplified this process with their multiple tiers of sponsorships. Moneek Langston, the Digital Media Sales Manager, described how at the top was their “coach,” their title sponsor which was offered for $25,000. From there, four more tiers followed, ranging in investment cost from $500 to $10,000. This allowed many businesses to opt-in as an advertiser, from the small to the very large. This also greatly diversified the types of prizes offered during the campaign.

Drive Advertiser Results

Football campaigns are popular with all audiences – you don’t have to have a pro team in your market to find success. Whether it’s high school, college, or pro, advertisers are anxious to be a part of the excitement.

Pick'Em (4)

Make sure you’re maximizing this opportunity to produce actionable results for your advertisers. Including opt-ins and survey questions will not only grow an email database, but can build your consumer profile data and deliver a list of hot leads. Bounceback offers will help drive foot traffic and business to your advertisers as well.

Treat Sponsors Like VIPs

Advertisers love to be a part of football campaigns – and they’ll make large sponsorship investments to be a part of your successful program. But you need to make those investment packages valuable and treat your sponsors like VIPs.

Provide your sponsors with heavy branding throughout the entirety of your campaign by including their logos in header images, side ads, welcome page, etc. Be sure to clearly display your sponsors in all of your email materials, not just the announcement. In addition, mention them in print and during on-air broadcasts.


Don’t forget to include your sponsors as additional VIP Pickers on your pick’em. While you will want to reach out to your media company talent (sports columnists, hosts, and sports anchors) and local celebrities (like the high school football coach) as VIP Pickers, featuring your sponsors is a great way to provide additional value for them.

Make it Fun

Football isn’t just fun for the fans. Your sales team and your advertisers should be able to get in on the fun too. This is the perfect opportunity to bring the whole team together and incorporate sales spiffs, weekly prizes, and more. At Times-Union Media, Moneek Langston had a kickoff party with prizes, wings, football, and more. When your sales team is all in, the contest will be that much better.

Football season is a long season for revenue. It gives you consistent revenue over five months and many chances to bring in new advertisers. Use it to your advantage and build camaraderie on your team and within your local sports community.

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