4 Roles You Should Have On Your Sales Team

by Liz Huff Second Street

Promotions Champion

You need to have someone who understands the big opportunity of promotions and is willing and able to drive your team to try and learn new things. This person must be passionate about helping advertisers and needs to have a solid relationship with all departments in your company.

Admin Coordinator

Next you need someone who understands the ins-and-outs of building excellent promotions and setting you up for success. This person needs to be trained in all aspects of your promotions platform and be able to setup contests, interactive content, and emails that will drive results.


One of the most crucial roles on your sales team are your sellers themselves. Every sales person on your staff needs to be fully trained in the benefits of promotions and how to sell those benefits to advertisers. It’s easy to assume that just because your sales team is great at selling traditional, they’ll do great at selling digital, but it’s not that simple.

Cross Departmental Team

In order for you to succeed with promotions, this has to be a company-wide initiative. Don’t work in silos. Your sales team needs to have representatives from every department so they can help pitch ideas that line up with all your company’s initiatives and programming.

Restructuring your sales team can be the change you need to take your promotions program from good to great. When you have a champion to lead the department and help them through the sales process, you’re entire team will gain the confidence and training it needs to help you drive even more revenue.

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