4 Reasons to Run a Sweepstakes in Your Quizzes

by Liz Huff Second Street

Increased Participation

People love the chance to win a great prize. Adding a sweepstakes to your quiz is a sure-fire way to draw in more entries.

The Irish Independent ran a personality quiz sponsored by furniture store, Ikea. Quiz participants were entered in for a chance to win one of five €500 gift cards ($555USD) to the store. Paired with the sweepstakes, the quiz brought in nearly 9,000 entries hoping to win a gift card.


Build Email Database

Remember to always include an email opt-in on your entry form for your media company and your advertiser. Even if you make the opt-in optional, if you offer a great prize, you’ll be able to collect a lot of addresses to grow your email database.

WSBT-TV worked with the local YMCA to create the quiz “What Fitness Class Should You Take?” They added a sweepstakes as an additional incentive to participate and worked with the local YMCA to provide awesome prizes of free 3-year, 2-year, and 1-year memberships to the first, second, and third place winners respectively. This quiz and sweepstakes combo delivered 222 email addresses for the advertiser, plus an additional 253 for the station.


Increased Data Collection

Offering a great prize means your quiz takers will be more willing to provide additional information. Incorporating survey questions can be the perfect opportunity to collect valuable data for you or your advertiser.

This quiz and sweepstakes hybrid by WBYT-FM about country music star, Luke Bryan, was sponsored by a local marina and offered a chance to win four tickets to the country star’s next show. Not only did the quiz deliver over 600 emails for the advertiser’s database, but the survey questions uncovered 158 hot leads looking to purchase a boat within the next two years.


Increased Revenue

Adding on a sweepstakes to a quiz should be an additional aspect of your sponsorship package – and it’s valuable. Be sure that when you’re creating your sponsorship packages that you’re increasing the sponsorship investment to reflect the additional value you can provide to your advertisers.

WKDZ created a quiz with a sweepstakes for their a local mattress store, Sleep Outfitters. With the sponsor putting up a great prize of a new mattress valued at over $1,200, not only did they collect specific data from survey questions, but the station leveraged the quiz questions themselves as additional data for the advertiser. The results showed 166 hot leads looking to purchase a new mattress within the next year, added 211 addresses to their database, and revealed a wealth of other data for future marketing campaigns.


When you decide to add on a sweepstakes, ensure that you’re providing a valuable prize. The higher the value, the more you can ask of your participants. But a valuable prize doesn’t have to break the bank.

Also remember, if you include a generic prize, you may end up with generic results. Work with your advertiser to come up with a prize that would be important to their target demographic to optimize the quality of results they’re receiving.

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