Why You Need to Run a Holiday Quiz (+ 3 Quiz Ideas)

by Liz Huff Second Street

There are plenty of options for holiday personality and trivia quizzes – in fact, we’ve got over a dozen winter holiday turnkeys you can pick from! Here are just a few ideas to get you started:

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Get Inspired for Your Winter Holiday Quizzes

Consider enlisting your newsroom when you are creating your holiday quizzes – they have tons of content and will be excited to be involved in the process.

Don’t forget to sell a quiz sponsorship to bring in some additional holiday digital revenue. Most advertisers want to be front and center during the holiday season, but some are a particularly good fit for a holiday quiz:

  • Movie Theaters
  • Malls
  • Grocery Stores
  • Local Boutiques
  • Restaurants

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution sold their holiday quiz bundle to Kroger, a local grocery chain. Their bundle received over 13,000 entries and included:

  • Which Christmas Family is Most Like Yours?
  • Which Holiday Treat Are You?
  • Can You Name the Holiday Movie Based on the Food?

Holiday Quiz Bundle a Big Success

When you sell the sponsorship, remind advertisers that they will be aligned with an entertaining quiz that is going to be popular with your audience and spread like crazy on social media – creating lots of great exposure for them! Plus, be sure to create urgency with your advertisers – you are on a tight deadline, and the more urgency you create the more excited they will be to sponsor your fun seasonal quiz.

Once you have your quiz built and sold, it’s time to start promoting. In addition to online ads and daily social posts, get into the spirit of the season and be creative with your promotion:

  • Have your entire team take the quiz and post their results on their personal social media pages
  • Have your talent take the quiz and talk about their results on air
  • Have your newsroom incorporate the quiz in all of your holiday coverage
  • Use unsold online and mobile inventory to promote the quiz
  • You can even feature some of the fun tweets or Facebook shares people post after they have taken the quiz on your Facebook page or in your traditional media.

If you decide you want to include registration and offer a chance to win a prize for people who take your quiz, make sure that it’s compelling enough for people to want to share their information in order to get their results. Plus, you can also add an email opt-in for your advertiser for additional value.

We ho-ho-hope you have fun with holiday quizzes this season!

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