Promotions Drive the Results Advertisers Need Right Now

by Julie Foley Second Street

Key Takeaways

Drive Leads

When you talk to a local business owner, remind them that driving in leads for new customers is very important to their business. Ask, “Do you need to replace lost customers?” Running a promotion allows them to reach their target audience and identify people who may be a good fit. Lead-gen questions and an email opt-in on the promotion registration form will drive quality leads.

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Retain Existing Customers

While identifying new business is important, local businesses cannot neglect their current customers. Maybe they’ve lost some of their customer base during all of this or they’re struggling with new competition. When participants participate in your promotion, send every entrant a thank-you coupon in a follow-up email. This is a great way to reward your current customers and keep them coming back.

Establish a One-on-One Relationship

Local businesses need a way to let people know about their products and services. When you collect email opt-ins for a sponsor, you provide them with an opportunity to start a conversation. And when you combine the email opt-in with the right promotion, you have a list of interested people they can now reach.

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Build Out Demographic Information

Your advertiser isn’t looking for a random list of email addresses. They want a list of quality, qualified people who could be potential clients. Work with your sponsor to understand their ideal prospect, then create a promotion and registration form that fits it. Do they want people in a specific zip code or age group? Are they looking for someone who’s renting or a homeowner?

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Create Branding and Community Presence

While leads are generally top of the goal list, sometimes your advertiser may also want an opportunity to keep their business top of mind in the community. Aligning themselves with campaigns such as Hometown Heroes, Athlete of the Week, or Celebrating Graduates are all great ways to keep your advertiser front and center with their audience.

Trust in a Campaign that Works!

With the economy as it is, advertisers are more protective than ever of how they spend their ad dollars. Promotions produce measurable and trackable results. When you know how much they want to invest, the value of a lead, and how many leads your promotion drives, you can prove the ROI of your campaign.


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