Are You Ready to Level Up Your Recurring Revenue Campaigns?

by Julie Foley Second Street

Key Takeaways

Big Campaign, Big Benefits

Your sales team will appreciate the consistent revenue stream on a monthly billing cycle, freeing them up to sell other things. If you’re looking for an initiative that connects your company with the community, the majority of these campaigns do just that. Recurring revenue isn’t limited to just revenue benefits – these promotions drive in big engagement and database growth all year long.

Community-Driven campaigns perfect for Covid world

Ideas to Pitch Right Now

In this new Covid era, it’s more important than ever to secure a consistent revenue stream. We’ve seen our partners have success with a variety of campaigns. With everything happening in the world right now, some of the most popular recurring revenue themes are showing support for local heroes, healthcare workers, and teachers.

So many benefits for recurring revenue campaigns

The Next Level: Recurring Revenue Custom Solutions

Once you’ve mastered the first level of recurring revenue campaigns, you can take that concept and translate it into a custom solution. Work with your advertisers to determine what goals they want to achieve. These long-running campaigns don’t just deliver extended branding opportunities. When you work with your advertiser, you can create a campaign to educate your audience, grow their email database, and deliver quality leads month after month.

Try Custom Recurring Revenue Campaigns

The Right Conversation Brings Success

When you go to pitch a recurring revenue campaign, it’s important to be prepared with how to present the opportunity. This is a multimedia campaign delivering results across all your assets (digital, email, print, on-air, etc.) You can generate quality leads and collect valuable consumer data month after month. Plus, these campaigns drive email database growth amongst their target audience.

Pitch Recurring Revenue Campaigns to Larger Budgets


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