How to Combat Advertiser Objections to Recurring Revenue Campaigns

by Liz Huff Second Street

“We’ve tried media advertising before and it didn’t work”

What does ‘didn’t work’ mean? What is their perception of success? It’s important to make sure everyone is on the same page and manage expectations of your client. Emphasise the power of a multi-media campaign like this. This range of assets drives tons of exposure, leads, and 12-months of ongoing benefits!

Photo contest from STL Magazine

“Am I going to get the right audience?”

Yes! This is a campaign created around the advertiser’s goals and targeted at a specific subset of your media company’s audience. With a targeted audience and targeted theme, the campaign will drive the audience your advertiser wants. For example: You don’t want to pitch an Incredible Kids photo contest to a biker bar. You would, however, pitch Incredible Kids to a hospital looking for new pediatric clients, like St. Louis Magazine’s campaign. You need the theme of the campaign to attract that targeted audience.

St Louis Magazine Incredible Kids lead gen questions

“This is a lot of money to ask for…”

That’s because this is a robust, media company-wide, 12-month campaign that is full of value. The advertiser will gain brand exposure as the multi-media campaign becomes a community staple and will collect email opt-ins, leads, and important customer data month after month.


“How do I know if it’s working?”

This is a great opportunity to remind your prospect of all the benefits they’ll see month after month of this campaign. The sales rep should check-in with the advertiser monthly to deliver stats including engagement numbers, opt-ins, and lead-generation question results.

St louis Magazine Incredible Kids report

Recurring revenue campaigns are a great chance for advertisers to engage a huge audience and grow their database while your company earns big dollars! Check out our webinar to learn 14 ways to drive revenue with these campaigns!

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