13 Quizzes Your Digital Content Teams Will Love

by Liz Huff Second Street

Can You Pass The U.S. Citizenship Test?

Arizona Republic | Phoenix, AZ

This quiz takes questions from the real United States citizenship test and sees how well Arizona Republic readers hold up. It’s still running on their site and to date has been taken more than 41,000 times – that’s a ton of engagement on an educational story.


How Well Do You Know Your U.S. Military History?

Standard-Examiner | Ogden, UT

On Veteran’s Day, the Standard-Examiner ran this 12-question trivia quiz about the history of the U.S. military. What an excellent piece of digital content on this meaningful holiday.


Name That Arch

St. Louis Post Dispatch | St. Louis, MO

The Gateway Arch in St. Louis, MO is such an iconic landmark, it’s often used in logos for local businesses. This fun quiz asked users to guess the business based on the arch in their logo. This quiz was created in partnership with an entire 50th Anniversary Arch Celebration run by the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. The celebration also included a special print section and an Arch photo contest – the results of which were later reverse-published into a collectible book sold by the paper.


How Much Do You Know About The Legal Use Of Cannabis?

Portland Phoenix | Portland, ME

When there are important topics in your community, a quiz is a great way to educate and engage your audience. Plus, since quizzes are so fun to take, your audience will be more likely to share it on social.


How Well Do You Know Kris Kobach?

Wichita Eagle | Wichita, KS

This trivia quiz about the Secretary of State for Kansas complemented a straightforward article with an interactive piece of content. The questions were more digestive than often dense political articles – which attracted a larger audience.


Who’s Your Mayor?

Portland Phoenix | Portland, ME

This unique personality quiz posed questions on important topics for the city and included answers that would relate to the specific candidates in the upcoming mayoral election. This was an incredibly relevant piece of content for the local community.


Which New England Football Player Are You?

Providence Journal | Providence RI

People love to learn more about their favorite players and especially to see who they’re most like. This quiz could be a great complement to a sports article or as a standalone piece of digital content.


Do You Recognize These Carolina Panthers Players?

Charotte Observer | Charlotte, NC

This fun trivia contest by the Carolina Observer is a great way to test readers on some of their favorite players.


Can You Identify What Items You Should Recycle?

Bangor Daily News | Bangor, ME

This educational quiz taught users about what you can and cannot recycle. This would be an excellent topic to run around Earth Day or if your community sponsors any local recycling or environmental events.


UW Basketball Fans: Which Badger Are You?

Wisconsin State Journal | Madison, WI

This quiz run by the Wisconsin State Journal capitalized on the basketball season and leveraged the fan passion behind local teams. This personality quiz was taken more than 7,000 times – that’s a lot of users being drawn to the news website.


Who Said It, Yogi Berra or Mike Shannon?

St. Louis Magazine | St. Louis, MO

This quiz played off the signature sayings of St. Louis baseball hero, Mike Shannon, and the quirky statements made by the legendary Yogi Berra. A quiz like this could work in any market – just customize it to feature a local baseball hero.


What’s Your Favorite Coast Guard Festival Event?

Grand Haven Tribune | Grand Haven, MI

This quiz was a fresh way to write about a local event and get more traction on social as people shared it to all their local friends. Plus, it was a chance to highlight photos straight from the event itself.


Which 105.7 The Fan Morning Show Guy Are You?

WPSS-AM | Hales Corners, WI

Quizzes are the perfect opportunity to connect your talent and personalities with your audience. This quiz featured the station’s morning show hosts as outcomes, and the hosts had a lot of fun working the quiz into their discussions on their morning show – a great way to drive more users to their site.


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