3 Ways to Prioritize Promotions NOW

by Liz Huff Second Street

How to Make Promotions a Priority:

Get Your Team Excited

The record engagement your website and core-media is receiving should be very exciting to your team. Plus, this provides great leverage when they’re talking to potential advertisers.

Your team is already creating outstanding content, and promotions can take that to the next level. Not only can you use promotions to enhance your current content or create new programming, but take advantage of this increased engagement to grow your email database with opt-ins.

Many sales reps are scared to reach out to advertisers in this economic climate. You need to reassure them they’re not just going to businesses asking for money, they’re going out to businesses to provide them a solution to their current challenges. This is a conversation these advertisers will want to have.

Get Your Team Excited

Get Your Advertisers Excited

Advertisers know they need to keep their business in front of potential customers. With your increase in engagement, you are in a prime position to help deliver that much needed exposure.

You have something they can’t get anywhere else – your audience! Your audience is incredibly engaged right now and growing! Utilize promotions to get your advertisers in front of your unique audience and provide an opportunity for branding, community involvement, and driving qualified leads.

Businesses are still spending! They’re choosing campaigns that drive results to solve their current challenges. Reassure your potential clients when you provide them with results other advertisers are getting even during this challenging economic climate.

Get Your Advertisers Excited

Make a Plan

Morgan Murphy Media, a television and radio group based out of Wisconsin, is using promotions across their seven markets. Kelly Taylor (Morgan Murphy Media) shared how they’ve made measured focus on promotions.

On a station-level, they’re using promotions to drive their email database growth. Not only by sheer numbers, but they’re able to bucket their audience into interest groups. This way their team can more effectively communicate with their audience.

The whole team has embraced promotions as a fantastic content generator. Their programming teams use promotions to create hyper-localized content for their viewers and listeners.

Our sales team understands the role of promotions to deliver true measurable results for advertisers. Advertisers want something unique, that’s integrated with on-air, digital, and social. We are able to provide a solution with promotions. These are perfect for lead-generation, gathering emails, driving awareness. And when they couple the promotion with the station brand, it drives incredible results.

How to Prioritize Promotions RIGHT NOW - Second Street Summit 2020

Now is the perfect time for you to take advantage of this huge increase in audience engagement and put promotions front-and-center in your overall strategy.

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