The Power of TV: How to Leverage Your Unique Assets for Promotions

by Liz Huff Second Street

Look at your programming

When you begin your promotions planning process, start by taking a look at your broadcast calendar. What unique programming do you have? Do you broadcast the Oscars? The Grammys? The Emmys? What about pro football, golf, basketball, or hockey? What are your most popular programs? Be sure to capitalize on all of the unique opportunities you have with a contest, ballot, or card. Also, even if you aren’t the network carrying the broadcast, you will still be covering the events on air.

Look at your station initiatives

What is your station already promoting? A local food festival? An outdoor movie series? Local sporting events? Consider adding a contest to get extra promotion for your sponsors.

Look to your anchors

What are your on-air personalities interested in? People identify with your talent, love your talent, and you can use that connection to promote contests that will excite your staff, your audience, and your sponsors. Does your sports director love to golf? Have him play the toughest hole at each course on your golf card and talk about it on the weekend broadcast.

Think about ballots

You can turn your year-end recaps and reviews into a Best Of ballot, and use the video clips you already have both online and on air. Here are some category ideas:

  • Best Feel-Good News Story
  • Best Blooper
  • Best On-Air Pet Appearance
  • Favorite Anchor Memory
  • Best Local High School Win
  • Best Local Sports Team Win / Favorite Memory
  • Best Weather Picture
  • Best Concert of the Year, and so on

Add TV to your current promotions

Are you already running big, awesome promotions? Add a TV element! Here are a few ideas:

  • Your Cutest Kids contest can be a year-long contest that features kids having their first birthday contest on air. Give away a cake every month and have a local bakery sponsor it, or just get people excited about seeing themselves on TV.
  • Cross-promote your Pro Football pick’em and your Sunday night football recap.
  • Feature some of the winning photos from your Best Tailgate Photo contest on air.