4 Reasons to Pitch Baseball Quizzes

by Liz Huff Second Street

Baseball has a long been considered America’s pastime. So, whether your town rallies around an MLB team, or if your city is more apt to follow minor league or local school teams, now is the time to capitalize on the baseball fever in your community.

Running a baseball quiz is the perfect way to take advantage of the baseball fan passion in your area. Plus, with the huge variety of baseball quiz topics, you can design the perfect quiz to fit your demographic.

Baseball Quizzes Engage Your Audience

Here are some baseball quiz ideas you could run right now.

  • “Homerun or Strikeout: What’s Your Baseball IQ?”
  • “Can We Guess What Kind of Baseball Fan You Are?”
  • “Who Said It? Baseball Player Edition”
  • “Test Your Baseball Rules IQ”
  • “How Well Do You Know (Local Stadium)?”
  • “Remember When? Baseball Championship Trivia”

    With so many topics to chose from, quizzes are versatile and work for many different advertisers – In the example below, Inside Columbia Magazine worked with a local physical therapy office that specializes in sports injuries, PEAK Sport & Spine.

    Baseball Personality Quiz

    To maximize your own revenue opportunity, create a bundle of baseball-themed quizzes – a set of 3-5 quizzes that run consecutively for about a week each. When you bundle quizzes, you can help achieve 4 specific goals of your advertisers.

    First, bundling multiple quizzes together, you can turn a quiz into a month-long promotions campaign making it a great opportunity to provide additional branding and exposure for your advertiser.

    Besides increased branding, including an offer at the end of the quiz can be an ideal opportunity to drive foot traffic for your advertiser. Work with the sponsor to develop an offer that highlights their products or services like a free session at a local sports training facility or a coupon for a discounted oil change at a local automotive shop.

    Leverage the registration page for both your company and the advertiser as well. Including an opt-in is the best way to grow your valuable email database for any future marketing campaigns. Plus, you can grow your social following by adding on optional Facebook, Instagram, or X follows.

    Additionally, work with your advertiser to develop 2-3 specific survey questions. This is a great way to provide your advertiser with qualified leads and details that can provide them with qualified leads.

    Sample survey questions:

    • Are you interested in financing options?
    • Have you ever been a patient at (our business)?
    • Are you interested in receiving information about our services?

    Ready to build your quiz bundle? We have hundreds of turnkey quizzes ready for you to run as is or customize to fit the needs of your advertiser.

    Give one of our turnkey quizzes a shot and test out your baseball IQ.

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