3 Ideas to Increase Your April Revenue

by Liz Huff Second Street

Advertisers to Target for April

Lawncare, utilities, and healthcare are advertisers looking for the opportunity to get in front of their consumers this month. If they’re not already on your list, make sure you’re reaching out to these advertisers this month.

Lawn & LandscapingUtilities & HVACHealthcare
Landscaping ServicesGasDentists
Grass TrimmersCable & ElectricHearing Centers
Sprinkler System Installers & RepairWater & SewerLasik Services
Lawn Equipment RetailerHVAC Installation & RepairCosmetic Surgeons
Dirt & MulchUrgent Care Facilities
Turf LawnsGeneral Hospitals
Children's Hospitals

Top Ideas for April


With dreams of summer weather, outdoor barbecues, and baseball, any sweepstakes with prizes related to baseball or outdoor yard work can bring in big engagement numbers and lots of revenue for you.

KNXV-TV worked with Water Use It Wisely, a local water conservation effort looking to grow their own newsletter database. The sweepstakes offered an $8,000 landscape makeover and collected over 6,500 email opt-ins for the sponsor. Plus, KNXV generated over $16,000 in digital revenue.

Lawn Sweeps Brings in $16K for Station

A local supermarket – Big Y – partnered with WEEI-FM on their Boston Baseball Experience giveaway. The contest offered tickets to an upcoming game and an exclusive fan experience for the winner.

Baseball Sweeps Sponsored by Grocery Store

Photo Contests

Photo contests are not only great for engaging your audience, but they also are an excellent tool for developing information for your sponsors.

The Dothan Eagle’s Ugly Yard Contest was sponsored by a local landscaper & nursery and generated $2,000 for the paper. Not only did the contest generate leads for the sponsor, but each photo provided great data about the entrants for contacting them after the contest ended.

Photo Contest Generates $2K for Paper

The Citrus County Chronicle used an ugly backyard photo contest to help promote their Home & Outdoor Living Show. The contest was sponsored by four companies – a landscaper, a tile and remodeling company, a nursery, and national home improvement chain. The contest was a great way to collect leads for the upcoming show.

Photo Contest Promotes Home Show

Quiz Bundle

Quizzes give you a way to engage a wide audience, educate your consumers, and find a unique fit for any advertiser.

To capitalize on local baseball fan fever, the Southeast Missourian created a quiz all about the St. Louis Cardinals. Sponsored by a local auto parts store and a dentist, they included survey questions to deliver over 100 hot leads for both advertisers.

Baseball Quiz Delivers 100+ Leads to Sponsor

Sponsored by a national fast food chain, this “Which Stadium Food are You?” quiz entered all quiz-takers in a sweepstakes to win tickets to the local baseball home opener. It was built in a snap because it was a turnkey quiz and was able to deliver over 1,000 opt-ins for the sponsor.

Quiz Delivers 1,000+ Opt-ins for Sponsor

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