7 Great Patriotic Holiday Quiz Ideas

by Liz Huff Second Street

Can You Pass the U.S. Citizenship Test?

Arizona Republic | Phoenix, AZ

As Fourth of July approached, the Arizona Republic was looking for a way to engage their audience on one of the biggest holidays of the summer. They created this quiz challenging users to see how they’d fare on the U.S. citizenship test. The quiz was shared on social and has now been taken more than 52,000 times.


How Well Do You Know Your U.S. Military History?

Standard-Examiner | Ogden, UT

The Standard-Examiner wanted a way to engage their readers and educate them on the Veteran’s Day holiday in November. This quiz on U.S. military history was a creative way for the paper to reach its audience and teach them a bit of important American history.


Which U.S. President Are You?

WTRC-FM | Niles, MI

As a way to tie in with the President’s Day holiday in February, radio station, WTRC-FM ran this quiz about U.S. Presidential trivia. This fun content alternative presented facts about many U.S. Presidents in a completely different way to engage the station’s listeners.


Could You Pass an American Citizenship Test?

Pueblo Chieftain | Pueblo, CO

The Pueblo Chieftain ran this trivia quiz about the American Citizenship test. Not only was this a creative piece of content on their site, but they also used it as a strategy for collecting email addresses for their promotions database and breaking news email.


How Much Do You Know About Memorial Day?

Madison.com | Madison, WI

For many people, Memorial Day weekend is the kickoff to summer fun – backyard parties, barbecues, and swimming. To engage readers and remind them of what this patriotic day is all about, Madison.com created a quiz about the history of Memorial Day.


How Well Do You Know the U.S. Constitution?

Arizona Republic | Phoenix, AZ

Looking for a way to inform users about September’s Constitution Day, the Arizona Republic created a quiz on the U.S. Constitution. They even featured questions written by a local high school history teacher. More than 3,200 users have stepped up to test their U.S. Constitution knowledge.


Name That State Capital?

Leader-Telegram | Eau Claire, WI

For the Leader-Telegram, a quiz challenging users on their state capital trivia isn’t just a fun way to test what readers remember from elementary school social studies, but also a way to add more people to their promotions database in the future.


With tons of patriotic holidays throughout the year, quizzes are a creative way to engage your audience around these special days. To make things even easier, we have lots of patriotic turnkey quizzes ready-to-run or ready-to-customize for your media company.


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