How to Package & Price Quizzes

by Liz Huff Second Street

Assembling a Quiz Package

Quizzes are unique promotions, so any quiz sponsorship package you create should include unique assets, like the following:

  • Post to your social media accounts.
  • Have your newsroom or on-air talent post their quiz results to their social media accounts.
  • Link to the quiz from relevant content on your website.
  • Put up banner ads on your website.
  • Send a dedicated email announcing the quiz.

Quizzes have a shorter shelf life than other promotion types, so have fun with them and keep your promotion unique and social.

Pricing a Quiz Sponsorship Package

Once you have decided which elements you are going to include in your package, it’s time to put a price on everything. The best way to figure out what to charge for the whole package is to price each element individually and then add it all up to determine the overall value. As you are pricing, be sure to also take into account your costs for creating and setting up the quiz and to add a dollar amount for that as well.

Need some inspiration? The following is a sample package for a quiz being run by a mid-size market TV station:

Quiz creation & set-up$500
ROS Banner Ads$500
Daily Facebook & Twitter posts while quiz is live$500
Quiz linked from relevant content on your website$250
On-air mentions during the morning show 3x while the quiz is live$1,000
Quiz results posted on personal Facebook & Twitter accounts of on-air talent$750
Email to promotional database of 30,000 announcing quiz$1,500

This is a unique promotion your talent will talk about, so it has a lot of value!

You can also use quizzes to leverage incremental buys to get more money from your advertisers. If a car dealership is placing a quarterly buy, adding a quiz you create just for them makes your offer more appealing and can make your pitch stand out from the crowd.

Finally, don’t forget to remind the advertiser that they can get even more value from the promotion if they help to promote it to, but taking it and sharing their results on their own social media pages.

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