How to Optimize Your Promotions

by Liz Huff Second Street

All Campaigns

  • Send an announcement email
  • Ad an opt-in for yourself and your advertiser(s)
  • Be clear about the rules and prizes
  • Incorporate a thank-you coupon or offer



  • Keep registration page short and sweet
  • Limit yourself to only 4 answer choices (to optimize for mobile)
  • If you’re not giving away a prize, make registration optional
  • Include links to additional content



  • Keep entry forms brief (with smart registration, you can collect a lot over time)
  • Utilize extra chances (can boost engagement by 25%)
  • Update default social sharing options


Photo Contests

  • Offer a truly valuable prize
  • Leverage makeovers for hot leads
  • Run separate voting and submission periods
  • Award a prize just for voting
  • Do not charge for votes
  • Make your instructions clear
  • If using a hashtag, make it unique



  • Limit to 6-8 categories (but unlimited sub-categories)
  • Split into separate nomination and voting periods
  • Sell enhanced listings
  • Collect tons of data on popular businesses in your area


Email & Messaging

  • Must be mobile-friendly (54% open on mobile)
  • Limit subject line to 40-50 characters
  • Stand out with special characters in subject line
  • Include a mix of images and text, not just one single image
  • Prioritize one clear call-to-action
  • Stick with the same “from” name
  • Keep top header branding short
  • Design emails with big buttons, not tiny in-text links


Cards & Deals

  • Pick mass appeal advertisers
  • Avoid niche offers
  • Stick to top 4 categories – food, entertainment, travel, and attractions

It takes a bit of finesse to fully optimize your engagement campaign, but taking the extra time to do so will produce big results. Be sure that you’re following all the best practices to maximize your success.