How to Overcome Objections, Close, and Follow-Up

by Julie Foley Second Street

Key Takeaways

Think of Objections as a Good Thing

While objections might seem like a negative, flip your thinking to the positive. If someone is posing an objection, it generally is a buying signal from your prospect. They’re looking for proof – to see the ROI, to understand the lead potential – and reassurance that this is a solid investment.

Remember the Four R’s of Closing

Once you’ve answered all their questions, it’s time to close that sale. We recommend following these four steps – Review, Reinforce, Recommend, and Request (Ask). Have confidence in your product and be prepared with knowledgeable recommendations on their next step. But most importantly, you need to ask for the sale!

Use Results to Discover New Opportunities

In your follow-up, you want to match your advertiser’s results next to their goals. Take the time to walk them through the results – this might be their first time using promotions like this. Then, use the success of your first campaign to initiate the conversation to secure their next promotion with you.

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