79 Ideas for June Holidays

by Liz Crider Huff Second Street

Monthly Holidays in June

Camping Month

  • Can We Guess What Kind of Camper You Are? Quiz (turnkey available)
  • Camping Photo Contest
  • Best Campsites Ballot
  • Will You Be Camping This Month? Poll
  • Happy Camper Sweepstakes

Happy Camper Sweepstakes

Great Outdoors Month

  • How Much Do You Know About the Environment? Quiz (turnkey available)
  • Great Outdoors Photo Contest
  • Great Outdoors Giveaway

Photo Gallery for World Wildlife Conservation Day

Daily Holidays in June

June 1

Doughnut Day

  • Doughnut Day Giveaway
  • What Type of Donut are You? Quiz
  • Great Donut Debate Poll

ajc donut quiz

June 4

Hug Your Cat Day

  • Purrrific Cat Photo Contest
  • What’s Your Cattitude? Quiz
  • Tell Us About Your Pets Survey
  • Is Your Cat a Hugger or a Fighter? Poll

Cat Quiz

June 5

Running Day

  • Do You Have the Right Running Shoes Poll
  • Running Quotes Trivia Quiz
  • Get Your Move On Sweepstakes

running fitness sweeps

June 8

Best Friends Day

  • Best Friends Weekend Getaway Giveaway
  • Me & My Best Friends Photo Contest
  • Who Would be Your Famous Musician BFF? Quiz

music friend bff quiz

June 10

Iced Tea Day

  • Win Tea for a Year Giveaway
  • Win a Trip to Long Island Sweepstakes

Children’s Day

  • Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader? Quiz (turnkey available)
  • What Type of Kid Were You? Poll
  • Summer Family Fun Sweepstakes
  • Family Favorites Ballot
  • Celebrate Kids Photo Contest

style weekly family ballot

June 11

World Meat-Free Day

  • Meat-Free: Fact of Fiction Quiz
  • Would You Make a Good Vegan? Quiz
  • Best Meat-Feee Meals in [City] Ballot

philly vegan cheesesteak copy

June 12

Call Your Doctor Day

  • Is It Time for You to Visit Your Doctor? Quiz
  • What’s Up Doc: How Often Do You Visit the Doctor? Poll

June 13

National Weed Your Garden Day

June 14

Bourbon Day

  • Bourbon Tour Sweepstakes
  • How Much Do You Know about Bourbon? Quiz

bourbon quiz

Flag Day

  • How Much Do You Know About the American Flag? Quiz

Flag Day Quiz

June 15

Nature Photography Day

  • Nature in [City] Photo Contest
  • Kids Nature Photo Contest

Flip-Flop Day

  • Flip-Flop Weather Photo Contest
  • Get Flip-Flop Ready: Pedicure Giveaway

Smile Power Day

  • Show Us Your Smile Photo Contest
  • Perfect Smile Sweepstakes

smile sweeps

June 16

Eat Your Vegetables Day

  • Which Vegetable Are You? Quiz
  • What’s Your Favorite Vegetable? Poll

vegetable poll

June 17

Father’s Day

wxfl dad mower sweeps 4

June 18

International Sushi Day

  • What’s Your Sushi IQ? Quiz
  • Sushi Dinner Party Sweepstakes
  • Best Sushi in [City] Ballot

Go Fishing Day

  • Ultimate Fishing Trip Giveaway
  • Are You a Fishing Expert? Quiz
  • Biggest Catch Photo Contest

KLQQ - Fish Your Bass Off Photo Contest

June 21

World Music Day

  • What’s Your Favorite Music Era? Poll
  • Concert Ticket Sweepstakes
  • Test Your Music Trivia Quiz

Selfie Day

  • Share a Selfie Photo Contest

International Yoga Day

  • Yoga Class Sweepstakess
  • Have You Tried Yoga? Poll
  • Best Yoga Studio in [City] Ballot
  • Yoga Everywhere Photo Contest
  • Which Yoga Pose are You? Quiz

June 22

Take Your Dog to Work Day

  • Dogs at Work Photo Contest
  • Would Your Dog Make a Good Canine CoWorker? Quiz
  • Do You Get to Work with Your Dog? Poll

June 25

Global Beatles Day

  • Beatles Music Trivia Quiz
  • Ultimate Beatles Prize Pack Sweepstakes
  • Best of the Beatles Ballot
  • Favorite Beatles Member Poll
  • Which Beatle Are You? Quiz

beatles quiz

June 27

Sunglasses Day

  • What’s Your Sunglass Style? Quiz
  • Sunglass Selfie Photo Contest

June 30

Armed Forces Day

  • Armed Forces Trivia Quiz
  • Tribute to the Armed Forces Photo Contest

armed forces photo contest

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