55 Ideas for July Holidays

by Liz Crider Huff Second Street

Monthly Holidays in July

Ice Cream Month

  • What’s your favorite Ice Cream flavor? Poll
  • Which Flavor of Ice Cream Are You? Quiz (turnkey available)
  • Win Free Ice Cream for the Year Sweepstakes
  • ice cream quiz

Cell Phone Courtesy Month

Picnic Month

  • Show Us Your Picnic Photo Contest
  • Most Important Picnic Item – Poll
  • Picnic Trip to [Local Attraction] Giveaway
  • Are You an Expert Picnic Packer? Quiz
  • Picnic Sweeps

Daily Holidays in July

July 1

Canada Day

  • Favorite Vacation Spot in Canada Poll
  • Canada Favorites Ballot
  • Ultimate Canadian Prize Pack Sweepstakes
  • Canada Day Quiz

canada 150

International Joke Day

  • Best Joke Poll
  • Favorite Comedians Ballot
  • Best Joke Contest Sweepstakes

dad jokes contest sweeps

July 3

Stay Out of the Sun Day

  • What’s Your SPF IQ? Quiz
  • Favorite Summer Indoor Activity Quiz
  • Best Indoor Summer Spots Ballot
  • Summer Movie Ticket Sweepstakes

knde movie sweeps

July 4

Independence Day

  • Fourth of July Trivia Quiz (turnkey available)
  • What’s the Best Part of the Fourth Poll
  • Best Place to Watch Fireworks Ballot
  • Red, White, and Blue Photo Contest
  • Fourth of July Weekend Getaway

Herald Leader HL Media Fourth of July Quiz

Barbecue Day

barbecue and grilling ballot

July 6

Fried Chicken Day

  • Fried Chicken Fact or Fiction Quiz
  • Fried Chicken Feast Giveaway

chicken sweeps

July 7

Chocolate Day

  • Test Your Chocolate Knowledge Quiz (turnkey available)
  • Best Chocolate Recipe Contest
  • Chocolate Lovers Giveaway

chocolate quiz

July 13

French Fries Day

  • French Fry Fanatic Giveaway

chsf fries sweeps

Embrace Your Geekness Day

  • Which TV Geek Are You? Quiz
  • Comic Convention Ticket Giveaway
  • Best Comics of All Time Ballot
  • Favorite Local Geek Hangouts Poll
  • Superhero & Comic Costume Photo Contest

cw superhero photo contest

July 17

Tattoo Day

  • Top Tattoo Artists Ballot
  • Would You Get a [Local Sports Team] Tattoo? Poll
  • Name These Famous Tattoo Wearers Quiz
  • Undo The Tattoo Photo Contest

khq undo the tattoo photo contest

July 21

Junk Food Day

  • The Junk Food Throwdown Ballot
  • Ultimate Junk Food Lovers Giveaway
  • What’s Your Go-To Junk Food? Poll
  • What Kind of Junk Food Are You? Quiz

wrsw junk food quiz

July 22

Parent’s Day

  • Kid Free Weekend Giveaway
  • Parents & Kids Photo Contest
  • Family Favorites Ballot
  • Name these Famous Parents Quiz

parenting quiz

July 29

Rain Day

  • Favorite Rainy Day Activity Poll
  • Are You a Good Driver in the Rain? Quiz
  • Rain Gear & Weather Supplies Giveaway

kake rain gauge giveaway

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