You Need Sales Training – Here’s Why

by Julie Foley Second Street

How Professional Certification Benefits You

Above all, professional training will help you be more efficient and do your job more effectively.

Specialized sales training will help you be more efficient at identifying sales opportunities, prospecting, and following up with advertisers. Strategic training can help you see the bigger picture when you are planning and budgeting. Both types can help you identify complementary initiatives and more successfully bundle different types of products and services in a single package.

Here are a few additional benefits:

  1. You gain a better understanding of industry trends. By undergoing training, you are taking the time to think beyond what is right in front of you and gain new perspective. All the new ideas and case studies you are exposed to can broaden your horizons and help you see what implications wider trends – both within your specific industry and beyond it – can have on your business.
  2. Your earning potential increases. From a sales standpoint, the lessons you learn will help you bring new ideas to existing advertisers and more easily secure new business. You will also be able to better convey the value of the promotions you are selling to advertisers, which will in turn lead to a larger commission check for you.
  3. You can add it to your resume. A professional certification makes you more marketable by showing that you’re open to learning and embracing new ideas and constantly challenging yourself. Not only will this help you beef up your LinkedIn profile, but it will also give you credibility among your peers and your clients.

How Professional Certification Benefits Your Company

While your company will certainly benefit from your increased efficiency and understanding, professional certification has some big-picture benefits as well.

  1. Training promotes team alignment. When the sales and planning teams go through the same strategic training, their goals and tactics will be better aligned. Plus, training ensures that every member of the team can better understand both the motivation behind company goals and how to best tackle them. Sales reps can see the bigger picture, and sales managers can see what reps are dealing with in the field.
  2. Training helps bring in more revenue. An informed sales staff can see opportunities to bundle products and services for the advertisers to meet their needs, which will lead to more frequent and bigger sales, plus a more loyal customer base. Advertisers are happy to spend money when they’re seeing results.
  3. Training cultivates internal leaders. People on your team who get certified can be a resource for the rest of the team as they share their expertise and grasp of strategy and sales tactics. Allowing team members to invest their time in getting certified also shows a commitment to their success and growth as well as allows your company to develop today’s talented workers into tomorrow’s leaders.