3 Ideas to Color Your Paint Advertisers Happy

by Liz Huff Second Street


The Illinois Times ran an interior painting sweepstakes with a local wallpaper and paint company. They gave away an interior design consultation and paint for their next project. The advertiser included three lead-generation questions to learn about users’ upcoming remodeling projects.

lead gen for paint advertisers

Photo/Video Contests

This ‘Scared of Santa’ photo contest from KFIN-FM was sponsored by a local paint company. They provided a prize of a one-room free interior painting and a $100 gift card to the user with the most photo votes. The promotion drew the attention of a very targeted audience and, with an opt-in for the advertiser and two smart lead-generation questions, the advertiser was able to find potential customers.

Scared of Santa photo contest from KFIN


Try a quiz to engage your audience! Quizzes like a ‘What Color Should You Paint Your Door?’, or ready-made turnkey ‘What’s Your Kitchen Style?’ are perfect for advertisers to find interested audience members. Include an opt-in and lead-gen questions to help your advertiser move those interested further into the advertisers’ sales funnel.

turnkey paint quizzes

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