10 Mother’s Day Promotions to Make Mom Proud

by Julie Foley Second Street

Mother’s Day Sweepstakes

WDHN-TV | Dothan, AL

The team at WDHN created this sweepstakes to give one lucky viewer the chance to spoil themselves for Mother’s Day. The campaign was sponsored by five businesses including a jewelry store, salon, mattress company, plant nursery, and retail store. Each sponsor provided a gift card to the prize package which attracted over 1,160 entries. Not only was it the most entries of any station promotion that year, but it also generated $50,000 in sponsorship revenue.

12 Mother’s Day Promotions to Make Mom Proud

Total Mom Moment Photo Contest

KNDE-FM | College Station, TX

KNDE-FM ran this fantastic Total Mom Moment photo contest to celebrate moms on their special day. The station asked listeners to submit a photo of their funny mistakes and mommy fails for a chance to win a ‘Mom’s Survival Kit’. The ‘survival kit’ included prizes from each sponsor which included a winery, salon, cleaning service, and a local dentist for the title sponsorship. The campaign generated $5,000 in sponsor revenue for the station and found the title sponsor nine leads asking to be contacted directly about their services.

Total Mom Moment Photo Contest

What Should You Get Mom for Mother’s Day? Quiz

Erie Times-News | Erie, PA

This fun quiz from the Erie Times-News helped their readers find the perfect gift for their mother for Mother’s Day. The sponsor, a local retail shop, provided a gift card for a sweepstakes prize to drive participation. The campaign generated over 1,600 entries and, using lead-generation questions, identified 85 hot leads asking to be contacted directly by the sponsor!

Erie Times-News mother's day quiz

Howe Lumber’s Mother’s Day Sweepstakes

Worcester Telegram & Gazette | Worcester, MA

Worcester Telegram & Gazette created this sweepstakes for an advertiser, a local home improvement store. The advertiser wanted to reach beyond their normal marketing footprint, generate brand awareness in the area, and collect first party data for remarketing campaigns. They provided a $500 gift card for the prize and gave a $10 off thank-you coupon for every user who entered, which drove over 700 entries. This campaign was a big email win, as 80% of users opt-ed in for emails from the paper and nearly 70% opt-ed in for the advertisers email list. And, to top it off, the paper generated $2,500 in sponsorship revenue!

Mother’s Day Promotions to Make Mom Proud

Mother’s Day Photo Contest

Shelby Star | Shelby, NC

The Shelby Star celebrated Mother’s Day with a fun photo contest. They secured five sponsors for the campaign including a spa, jewelry store, flower shop, and two restaurants. Users submitted a photo with their mother for a chance to win a prize package from the sponsors valued at $250. The paper generated $1,500 in revenue and added about 200 opt-ins for their email list.

Mother’s Day Promotions to Make Mom Proud

Word to Your Mother Sweepstakes

KNDE-FM | College Station, TX

KNDE-FM put a twist on a classic Mother’s Day sweepstakes for their unique audience. Listeners were encouraged to enter the sweepstakes by showering their mom with love, in ten words or less. The prize package included goodies from a local winery, a restaurant gift card, and a 4-pack of tickets for a water park trip and hotel stay.

Mother’s Day Promotions to Make Mom Proud

Who’s Your TV Mom? Quiz

Atlanta Journal-Constitution | Atlanta, GA

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution sold this ‘Who’s Your TV Mom?’ personality quiz to Kroger, a local grocer, for a perfect Mother’s Day promotion win. They included a $250 gift card to drive engagement and built an entirely digital ad campaign to promote the quiz. The campaign generated $25,000 in sponsorship revenue for the paper and the quiz went viral. More than 11,000 users took the quiz, and Kroger had TONS of engagement on their website.

Mom & Me Look-alike Photo Contest

St. Louis Post-Dispatch | St. Louis, MO

Photos are a big part of family holidays like Mother’s Day. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch capitalized on this with a Mommy and Me Look-alike photo contest. They got a local restaurant, hotel, and the St. Louis Symphony to sponsor the campaign and provide items to the prize package. This helped drive over 600 photos submissions and more than 6,000 votes. The restaurant and hotel sponsors each added about 2,000 opt-ins to their email lists. The restaurant had the opportunity to include three lead-generation questions on the registration form, which generated valuable customer data.

Mother’s Day Promotions to Make Mom Proud

La Bella Salon and Beauty Lounge Mother’s Day Sweepstakes

KWKT-TV | Waco, TX

This campaign from KWKT-TV was created for their advertiser, a local salon. The Mother’s Day Giveaway campaign included a sweepstakes and heavy email and social media pushes. The salon provided prizes for three levels of winners which drove over 900 entries. The station generated $2,000 in sponsor revenue but the most exciting win was for the advertiser. By utilizing eight lead-generation questions on the entry form, the sponsoring salon found nearly 400 leads for direct contact and attributes $15,000 in revenue to the campaign.

. La Bella Salon and Beauty Lounge Mother's Day Giveaway KWKT-TV

Mother’s Day Sweepstakes Series

Post and Courier | Charleston, SC

The Post and Courier put together a series of sponsored sweepstakes running up to Mother’s Day. Each of the five sponsors, including a bakery, a jewelry store, a furniture store, and local orchestra, hosted an individual sweepstakes with a perfect prize for celebrating Mother’s Day. The paper promoted each sweepstakes in a shared print and digital ad driving their audience to the contest page where they could enter each sweepstakes individually. The campaign collected over three thousand combined entries, several hundred email opt-ins for each advertiser, and nearly $6,000 in revenue for the paper.

Mother’s Day Sweepstakes Series

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