4 Hot Promotion Ideas for HVAC Companies

by Liz Huff Second Street

The Ugly Furnace Photo Contest

Seacoast Media Group | Portsmouth, NH

After winning the ‘Best HVAC Company’ in the annual Best of Seacoast ballot, Key Heating and AC wanted to celebrate with a custom promotion. The team at Seacoast created the ‘Ugly Furnace Contest’ as a photo sweepstakes and invited their audience to submit a photo of their ‘ugly’ furnace for a chance to win a free furnace from the advertiser. 87 photos were submitted, 48 users opt-ed in for advertiser emails, and, utilizing lead-generation questions, the advertiser was able to identify 73 users looking to have their system repaired or replaced.

ugly furnace Seacoast

Big Chill Sweepstakes

Northwest Herald | Crystal Lake, IL

Northwest Herald’s Big Chill Giveaway allowed them to give away a brand new air conditioner by partnering with a local HVAC advertiser. The high-value prize attracted qualified entrants and the registration form included lead-gen questions, an email opt-in, and an optional Facebook Like Box. Because of this, the advertiser identified over 50 people looking to buy a new furnace within the next year. Plus, nearly 90% of the entries had an old, outdated furnace – great for future prospects and marketing campaigns.

northwest herald hvac sweeps

HVAC Trivia Quiz

WKYT-TV | Lexington, KY

WKYT-TV utilized this turnkey quiz to help their audience with their HVAC maintenance. They secured Comfort Heating and Air to sponsor the quiz and provided a $500 home-improvement gift card to drive participation. As a result, over 1,120 people entered the quiz and 253 users opt-ed in for information from the advertiser.


3 Degree Guarantee Sweepstakes

WCAV-TV | Charlottesville, VA

This unique sweepstakes from WCAV drove station viewership and results for the advertiser, a local heating and air conditioning business. Each weekday morning, WCAV weatherman announced the high-temperature forecast and, if he was off by more than three-degrees, he announced a daily prize winner the next morning. And, every month the forecast was wrong at least one day, a monthly prize winner would be chosen. This campaign ran eight months (February to October) and collected over 1,120 entries as well as more than 165 opt-ins advertiser emails.

WCAV 3 degree sweeps

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