3 Ways to Maximize Revenue from Local Hospitals

by Liz Huff Second Street


A local hospital sponsored this ‘Heart Smart’ sweepstakes from KFVS-TV. The prize package included a blood pressure cuff, wireless bone conduction headphones, cookbooks, and a three-month fitness club membership. This was perfect for attracting a targeted audience interested in improving their heart health. The registration form included a three great lead-generation questions which identified users interested in a free cookbook from the advertiser and users with specific health conditions.

southeast health heart smart sweeps

Photo/Video Contests

Hospitals love a chance to get in front of local families! St. Louis Magazine’s monthly Incredible Kids photo contest is sponsored by a local children’s hospital. The campaign asks community members to submit a photo of a local kid who has “overcome a daunting obstacle, launched an entrepreneurial endeavor, or reached an impressive milestone” for a chance to be featured in the magazine and on the magazines’ website. With opt-ins for both the magazine and sponsor, this recurring campaign will continue to grow their email database with interested users.

St Louis Magazine Incredible Kids Photo Contest


KIXQ-FM created a trivia quiz to drive awareness of the history and offerings of their sponsor, St. Jude Children’s Hospital. The registration form included opt-ins for both the station and sponsor and the results page and promoted a special segment, ‘KIX Country Cares’, where they raise funds to support the hospital.

KIXQ-FM children's hospital quiz


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