Go for Gold: 4 Ideas for the Summer Games

by Liz Huff Second Street


Leverage the competitive aspect of the Summer Games with quizzes. Quizzes are ideal for driving big engagement numbers and are highly shareable on social media. Even non-traditional sports fans are passionate about the Summer Games and will take the time to take a fun quiz and to share it with their friends.

    Need Some Summer Games Quiz Ideas?

  • Which Summer Games Should You Compete In?
  • Match The Summer Games Tracksuit To The Country
  • Which Famous Summer Game Athlete Are You?
  • Test Your Summer Games Trivia
  • How Well Do You Remember The 2012 Summer Games?
  • Who Said It? – Famous Quotes By Famous Athletes
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    *Gold Medal Tip – The Summer Games sets up a big opportunity for you to leverage a quiz bundle. With many topics to choose from, it’s easy to build a set of 3-5 similar-themed quizzes. Plus, selling your entire quiz bundle to one advertiser can simplify your sales process too.

Photo Contests

Across the country, everyone’s going to be gathering with friends to watch the events. A great way to capitalize on this is by running photo sweepstakes asking people to show off their Summer Game fan spirit!


A Summer Games ballot is a fun way to engage your community with a promotion that runs over a long period. Not sure how to begin? Take a look at these examples of categories from a “Best of the Summer Games” ballot you could run in your community.

    Summer Games Ballot Category Ideas

  • Best Summer Game Victory Moment
  • Most Entertaining Event to Watch
  • Best Tracksuit Design
  • Best Summer Game Location/Destination
  • Most Memorable Opening Ceremony
  • Next (Local City) Athlete to Compete in the Summer Games
  • Best (Local City) Training Facility
  • Favorite (Local City) Venue to Watch the Games

*Gold Medal Tip – When you create your ballot, incorporate a variety of sponsorship opportunities for advertisers. A combination of sponsorship tiers – like a title sponsorship, category sponsorships, and upgraded listings – can dramatically increase the revenue opportunity for your media company.


A sweepstakes focusing on the Summer Games allows your media company to leverage this big audience. Plus, since these are so easy for you to set-up and run, sweepstakes are a quick way to build your email list and keep your audience engaged.

    Prize Ideas for Summer Games Sweepstakes

  • Tickets to Local Olympic Trials
  • High-End Sporting Goods
  • Vacation Packages
  • High-End Athletic Apparel
  • Athletic Equipment or Gym Memberships
  • Electronics

*Gold Medal Tip – Sweepstakes are one of the quickest ways to grow an email database, so be sure to include an email opt-in on your registration form. With an opt-in, you and your advertiser can harness the big engagement numbers of sweepstakes and leverage them for future marketing campaigns.

Now is the time to start planning your Summer Games promotions and to start securing your sponsorships. This can be a perfect time to reenergize a relationship with an existing partner or a great way to connect with a new advertising opportunity. Make sure you’re ready to go for the gold this summer.

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Liz Huff Second Street

Liz is a Director of Affiliate Success at Second Street and has extensive background in media. She is a huge advocate of the power of promotions for every department within an organization, including sales, marketing, audience development, and editorial.