Promotion Ideas for Local Deck Builders

by Liz Huff Second Street


This sweepstakes by WNEP-TV in Moosic, PA went above and beyond with its execution. The set up for Patio Paradise was ‘watch and win,’ where viewers had to tune into the station for a code word each week in order to enter the contest. Not only did this increase the number of viewers for their station, but it also gave the advertiser a lot of on-air promotion.

Patio Furniture Giveaway


Run a simple quiz testing people’s knowledge of deck maintenance. Not only will this educate a user on potential issues with their existing deck, but by throwing in some survey questions at the end, you can give your advertiser leads on who may be in the market for a new deck or deck maintenance products soon.

Deck Maintenance Quiz

Photo Contests

An easy, visual way for your advertiser to see who needs a new deck is with a Fix My Deck photo contest. These contests generate a lot of engagement because users will be eager to share their entry with their friends and family hoping to earn more votes. Plus, provide qualified leads to the deck business you are reaching out to by including an email opt-in.

Fix My Deck Photo Contest

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