3 Great Promotions Ideas for Black History Month

by Liz Huff Second Street

Photo Contests

One way to create engaging content around Black History Month is to utilize photo contests. These promotions allow you to invite your audience to share their own photos for a chance to win a prize or be featured in your public gallery. You could try encouraging educators to share photos of their class learning about Black History Month through field trips, books, or even coloring sheets. Or try hosting a community gallery asking users to share photos of their favorite historical figures. There are tons of opportunities for photo contests your audience will be excited to enter!

favorite historical figures photo gallery


Quizzes are fantastic for drawing a huge audience! You can use our pre-made Black History Month trivia quiz turnkey for an easy win. The Atlanta Journal Constitution runs an annual quiz campaign with grocer, Kroger. Grocery stores are perfect advertisers for holiday promotions as they reach a huge audience of people who all need groceries! The paper includes a $150 gift card to the sponsoring store to excite users and incentivize participation.

three black history month quizzes from Atlanta Journal


WCFB-FM recognized Black History Month by giving away tickets to a local Black History Bus Tour. The promotion was sponsored by a family restaurant which received brand awareness and allowed them to align their business with this holiday. The registration form of the promotion also included an email opt-in for the station to grow their database of interested users.

black history bus tour sweeps

For more ideas to engage your audience, check out our library of turnkey promotions and our downloadable playbook of over 500 ideas!

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