How to Sell National Sweepstakes

by Liz Huff Second Street

One Sponsor for Each Sweepstakes

Another way to sell Second Street National Sweepstakes is selling each one to a different sponsor. This allows you to sell these sweepstakes to four different advertisers throughout the year. By only having one sponsor you can add lead-generating questions and an opt-in on the registration form exclusively for the advertiser. As always, local prizes drive local participation, so make sure you have your sponsor add a prize that is relevant and valuable to their target audience to each National Sweepstakes to help incentivize engagement.

Need help with creating a Sales Package?  Download the How to Package and Price Promotions Kit!

Multiple Sponsors for Each Sweepstakes

The final example of how we see our partners sell National Sweepstakes is by having more than one sponsor for each one. While it can be more work to have multiple sponsors we see it bring in big revenue. Make sure you have a relevant but diverse mix of advertisers for each campaign. We suggest category exclusivity for this model. For example, One HVAC provider, one real estate company, one bank, etc. Having multiple sponsors will make your local prizes more exciting as well.  Each sponsor should be able to supply a prize that is relevant and valuable to your target market. Limit opt-ins and lead-generating questions to one per sponsor. A long registration form can lead to form abandonment. Meaning less entries and results for you and your sponsors. Our suggestiong would be to have two tiers of sponsorship – Top level should be limited to two advertisers, and they are the only ones who get lead-gen questions and opt-ins on the registration form. Other sponsorship packages would include logos on the contest page, emails, and all other marketing materials.

For ideas on what advertising categories to pitch these National Sweepstakes to, make sure you grab the National Sweepstakes toolkit. It has everything you need to start running these on your site!

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