86 Ideas for February Holidays

by Liz Huff Second Street

Monthly Holidays in February

Black History Month

  • Black History Trivia Quiz (turnkey available)
  • African American Genealogy Workshop Event Sign-Up
  • Faces of Black History Month Photo Contest

Library Lovers’ Month

  • Name That Famous Female Author Quiz (turnkey available)
  • What Are You Reading? Photo Contest
  • Battle of the Books Voting Bracket
  • Meet the Author Event Sign-Up
  • Best Books Ballot

Best Books Ballot for Library Lovers' Month

Vegan Cuisine Month

  • Best Vegan Restaurants Ballot
  • Do You Eat Vegan? Poll
  • Is It Vegan? Trivia Quiz
  • Vegan Essentials Sweepstakes

Kelowna Capital News Vegan Sweepstakes

Daily Holidays in February

Car Insurance Day

car insurance trivia quiz

Groundhog Day

  • Do You Trust the Groundhog Prediction? Poll
  • Groundhog Day Sweepstakes
  • Phil’s Shadow Watch Party Event Sign-Up
  • Do You See Your Shadow? Photo Contest

Groundhog Day Sweepstakes

World Cancer Day

  • Breast Cancer Awareness Trivia Quiz (turnkey available)
  • Survivor Stories Photo Contest
  • Oncologist Seminar Event Sign-Up
  • How Much Do You Know About Skin Cancer? Trivia Quiz (turnkey available)

Wear Red Day

  • Show Off Your Red Photo Contest
  • [local hospital] Heart Health Wellness Event Sign-Up
  • How Much Do You Know About Heart Health? Quiz (turnkey available)
  • Heart Health Fitness Sweepstakes

Heart Health Sweeps

Pizza Day

Pizza Sweepstakes

Toothache Day

  • Are You a Dental Hygiene Pro? Quiz (turnkey available)
  • Dental Seminar Event Sign-Up
  • Cold Hard Tooth Coloring Photo Contest

Dental Hygiene Quiz

Make a Friend Day

  • Which Celebrity Would Be Your Best Friend? Personality Quiz
  • Best Friends Photo Contest

Radio Day

  • Get To Know [on-air talent] Quiz
  • Best of [Station] Ballot
  • Rock Girl Search Photo Contest

WWVR-FM Fletch and Jai Quiz

Valentine’s Day

    • Valentine’s Day Giveaway (turnkey available)
    • What Gift Should I Get My Sweetheart for Valentine’s Day? Quiz (turnkey available)
    • Valentine’s Day Photo Contest
    • Romantic Comedies Voting Bracket
      WDIV romantic comedy bracket

World Marriage Day

    • Share Your Wedding Photos Contest
    • How Long Have You Been Married? Poll
    • Dream Wedding Giveaway Sweepstakes (turnkey available)

Marriage Poll

Presidents’ Day

Mardi Gras

  • Test Your Mardi Gras Knowledge Quiz (turnkey available)
  • Mardi Gras Photo Contest
  • Virtual Mardi Gras Parade Event Sign-Up

Random Acts Of Kindness Day

  • Random Acts of Kindness Photo Contest
  • Classroom Kindness Challenge Sweepstakes
  • Random Acts of Kindness Poll
  • Volunteer of the Month Ballot

Drink Wine Day

  • Wine Tour Sweepstakes
  • What’s Your Favorite Type of Wine Poll
  • Wine Tasting Event Sign-Up (turnkey available)
  • Battle of the Bottles: Wine Voting Bracket
  • Best of Local Wine Ballot
  • Test Your Wine Knowledge Quiz (turnkey available)

Wine Quiz

Love Your Pet Day

Best of Pets Ballot

Margarita Day

  • Best Margaritas Ballot
  • What’s Your Favorite Place for Margaritas? Poll
  • Margarita Making Event Sign-Up (turnkey available)
  • Margarita Party Pack Sweepstakes
  • What Kind of Margarita Are You? Quiz (turnkey available)

Margarita Quiz

World Yoga Day

  • How Yoga Savvy Are You? Quiz
  • Best Local Yoga Studio Ballot
  • Virtual Yoga Class Event Sign-Up
  • Free Yoga for a Year Sweepstakes
  • Yoga Pose Photo Contest

Free Year of Yoga Sweepstakes

World Bartender Day

Clam Chowder Day

  • What’s Your Clam Chowder IQ? Quiz
  • Clam Chowder Cooking Class Event Sign-Up (turnkey available)
  • Which is the Best Type of Clam Chowder? Poll

Clam Chowder Poll

  • Chili Photo & Recipe Contest
  • What Style of Chili are You? Quiz
  • Best Chili in (City) Ballot


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