Want More Revenue? Hire a Promotions Manager

by Julie Foley Second Street

What is a Promotions Manager?

A Promotions Manager supports all of the departments involved in bringing promotions solutions to help advertisers and internal initiatives achieve their goals.

A Promotions Manager is your online promotions expert. They understand how promotions can be a solution for you and your advertisers, and how they can tie in with your core product.

A Promotions Manager is responsible for the management of all online promotions, including contests, ballots, and quizzes, and will be involved in all promotions from inception to deployment. They are also responsible for creating a high-level strategy for how promotions fit into your media company, across departments.

Why is this role important?

A Promotions Manager brings together all of your digital and marketing products to create new solutions for advertisers. They also connect your audience to you and your advertisers.

Above all, they drive revenue for your company, and their expertise has the potential to make a huge difference to your bottom line.

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