5 Halloween Quizzes to Drive Results for Advertisers

by Liz Huff Second Street

What Type of Halloween Candy Are You? | CISN-FM | Edmonton, Alberta

Seasonal costume shop, Halloween Alley, was looking for a way to increase their brand awareness and drive foot traffic during the Halloween costume season. CISN customized a turnkey quiz to not only include a clickable logo to the sponsor’s website, but also include a 40% off coupon for the store.


How Haunted is Your House? | WJW-TV | Cleveland, OH

The Factory of Terror, a local haunted house, was looking to develop an email list of interested consumers. WJW worked with them to create this fun and creepy quiz judging whether their house is haunted. The quiz was taken over 1,000 times and collected 673 email addresses for the sponsor.


Which Halloween Costume Should You Wear? | Record Searchlight | Redding, CA

Historic Hawes Farm hosts a huge month-long Fall Festival. Looking to collect email addresses and target consumers during their peak season, Record Searchlight came up with the idea of a Halloween quiz and combined it with a sweepstakes of a 4-pack of tickets to the festival (a $200 value). Since this was a turnkey quiz, it was a snap for the paper to set-up and customize for the sponsor.


Test Your Knowledge: It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown | WHNT-TV | Huntsville, AL

Based on the Charlie Brown classic, this movie trivia quiz was a perfect fit for Tate Farms, a local pumpkin farm. The quiz was taken nearly 900 times and provided a great opportunity for Tate Farms to increase their brand awareness during their peak season.


Which Halloween Costume Should You Wear? | Rochester Democrat and Chronicle | Rochester, NY

The Rochester Democrat and Chronicle created this quiz for a local costume shop looking to target customers during the Halloween season. And since this was a turnkey quiz, the paper was able to customize the quiz and get it running on their site in no time.


The Halloween season presents a lot of unique advertising opportunities that may not exist year-round. Be prepared to reach out to these businesses with results that will help them succeed and help you secure fall business for years to come.

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