Grocery Giveaway Brings 22% Sales Increase for Advertiser

by Sara Droke WPSD-TV

Case Study Highlights

  • Station generated $5,000 in revenue
  • Grocery store saw a sales increase of 22% during the last week of the contest
  • Grocery store’s Facebook Likes increased by 600

The Idea

WPSD-TV is a DMA 78 television station in Paducah, Kentucky. The station has been working with advertisers on online contests since 2011. An independent grocery store chain in our market was rebranding from SuperValu to Banks Market. No change in ownership was occurring, but they were doing some remodeling and adding new services for their shoppers.

In the past, Banks Market had been a challenging client for us because they felt that television and online marketing were too costly and cast too wide a net. However, Banks Market became open to exploring other forms of media, and especially emerging media. So, to help them out with their rebranding efforts, WPSD’s Emerging Media department put together the Banks Market Great Grocery Giveaway Campaign.

The goal for the promotion was not only to help in the rebranding of the store, but also to build Banks Market’s database for email, mobile, and social marketing. The grocery store also hoped to learn more about the demographics of their shoppers, including what is most likely to influence their decision about where to shop and how far they are willing to travel for a specific store.

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The Execution

The Great Grocery Giveaway cross platform campaign was 5 weeks in length and utilized the following promotional elements:

  • On-air promo spots
  • News talent mentions
  • Social media
  • Ads on
  • Mobile marketing

The Great Grocery Giveaway creative helped to brand the new Banks Market name and encouraged our viewers to watch Local 6 Today, our morning newscast, for the key word of the day. Viewers could then go online to and enter the key word for a weekly prize or text the keyword to WPSD’s short code.

Viewers who texted in the key word were sent a bounce back message that gave them the opportunity to opt into a mobile database for Banks Market weekly circular and specials. Weekly push messages were also sent out with a link to the circular and a featured item for those who opted in to the VIP Club. WPSD also posted the key word to our Facebook page with a link to enter and instructions for mobile entry. We tagged Banks Market in all of these posts.


The Results

WPSD generated $5,000 with the promotion, and the Great Grocery Giveaway was also a huge success for Banks Market.

The giveaway had 1,576 opt in to the VIP club – that’s a 26% opt-in rate! In terms of social growth, Banks Market started the campaign with fewer than 100 Facebook Likes and finished with 1,200, growing by 600 during the grand prize week alone!

Furthermore, Banks Market reported that during the first 4 weeks of the campaign, they experienced a 14% increase in sales over the same time period the year before. During the fifth week of the promotion – the grand prize giveaway week – they experienced a 22% increase! These increases in sales meant that during the giveaway, Banks Market outpaced other independent grocery store chains in sales.

Prior to the campaign, Banks Market’s online circular page averaged 10,000 visitors each month. During the month of June, when the campaign was running, their visitors rose to 14,000 (a 40% increase), and in July their visitors rose again to 18,000 (an 80% increase).

The final and most intangible success of the campaign was the data that Banks Market was able to gather from those that entered. Long under the impression that location was most important to a shopper when choosing a grocery store, the data suggested it was actually price. Additionally, Banks Market discovered that their shoppers actually come from a much wider radius than they had thought, and that they have the potential to attract shoppers from beyond a 20 mile radius.

Currently, Banks Market is building a new campaign that will focus on savings at their store, and have requested media recommendations from WPSD’s Emerging Media and Television Sales departments.

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