4 Ways to Celebrate Graduating Seniors with Promotions

by Julie Foley Second Street

1. Salute to Seniors

You can utilize our turnkey Senior Picture Graduation Gallery to create a Salute to Seniors like this campaign from WVNS-TV. Community members shared photos of the Seniors they love, and the station showcased several each week day. Plus, the station secured two local sponsors (West Virginia University and Pioneer Community Bank) and generated $10,000 in revenue from the campaign!

These campaigns give the community a chance to honor their seniors and give these graduating students a nice send-off. You can even include multiple schools from your market by creating separate categories in your photo contest.

Salute to Seniors photo gallery from WVNS-TV


2. Graduation Announcements/Tributes

These campaigns ask graduating seniors and their families to share a photo and their graduation announcement. Families love a chance to share a celebration message about the senior’s growth, accomplishments, and where they are heading next.

Graduation Announcements/Tributes from Herald Mail


3. Senior Yearbooks

Use a photo contest to create a digital yearbook for your local graduation Class of 2020. KPRC-TV created a graphic and asked local high school seniors to print and personalize it with their name and where they’ll be going to college. Then, students take a picture and share it to this photo gallery! It’s a great way to engage these Seniors and celebrate them with the community.

KPRC-TV Senior Yearbook


4. On-Air: Senior Salutes

Broadcast stations have the unique opportunity to share senior send-offs live on-air. WJMQ-FM asked seniors to share their graduation info to receive a live on-air shoutout during the month of May.

WJMQ-FM's On-Air: Senior Salutes

Work with your entire media company to make the most of this unique opportunity and create something really special for your audience. Graduation-themed promotions are a fantastic way to give your community the chance to celebrate local seniors!


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