Fore! Ways to Capitalize on Golf Excitement

by Liz Huff Second Street


These creative pieces of interactive content have the flexibility to engage both the avid golfer and the casual fan alike. Whether it’s “Which PGA Tour Golfer Are You?” “Name That Famous Golfer,” or one of our turnkey golf quizzes, these pieces of content are highly shareable and generate excitement with your golf audience.

Golf Quizzes Drive Engagement


A golf giveaway is the perfect way to grow your email database. Depending on your sponsor, consider offering a prize that features their products and services like a free round of golf or lessons with a golf pro. If you’ve got the resources, a weekend golf getaway to a major tournament can drive in a huge number of entries and tons of consumer data. With our turnkey golf sweepstakes, you can put this campaign together in a matter of minutes!

Golf Sweeps Grow Email Database


These are excellent ways to generate traffic, engage your audience, and learn about your consumers. There are so many great ideas for golf-themed ballots like “All-Time Best Golfer” or “Best Golf Course in the U.S.” You could even consider a local idea such as “Best of [City] Golf” featuring local courses, trainers, and pro shops (a great sponsorship and revenue opportunity!)

Golf Ballots Drive Revenue & Data

Photo Contests

Whether it’s “Cutest Little Golfer” or “Biggest Golf Fan,” golf-themed photo contests can drive lots of engagement with users competing to earn the most votes. These contests are excellent for driving engagement on social and increasing pageviews and ad impressions.

Golf Photo Contests Drive Engagement

There are plenty of ways to drive engagement during the golf season, and these ideas are just the start. Whether it’s growing your database, increasing site traffic, or building excitement, there is an engagement campaign that is perfect for your goals.

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