5 Steps to Create a Lead-Qualifying Machine with Digital Promotions

by Liz Huff Second Street

Pick the Right Prize

If you want to develop a list of qualified leads, it’s essential to pick a prize specific to your target audience. For a lawn care company, give away a full season of lawn care services. For a new health center, consider a complete package of your products.

When you award a generic prize, you end up with a generic audience. While a $500 gift card is enticing to everybody in your community, your company isn’t interested in everybody. You are looking for people interested in your products or services, so give away your products or services as the prize.

Qualify leads with photo contests

Include Questions that Qualify Your Leads

So you’ve picked a valuable, relevant prize for your audience. Now, what’s your plan to prioritize all these potential clients? Start by asking the questions your sales teams would need to ask to understand the potential value of this client.

For instance, you might want to know:

  • Are you a homeowner?
  • Are you interested in financing options?
  • How soon are you wanting to start your project?
  • Do you currently have another provider of this service?

While you don’t want to overcrowd your registration form, including two or three lead-generation questions will give you the answers you need to start prioritizing your list right away.

Educate your audience with quizzes

Don’t Forget the Email Opt-in

It’s critical to grow your company’s email database. This qualified database gives you a direct line to prospective customers which keeps your brand top-of-mind and top-of-inbox – a key to ensuring you stay relevant. An email opt-in on a digital promotion is the quickest way to grow a healthy and accurate email database. You can even incentivize people with an exclusive offer to all subscribers.

Just remember – while pre-checking your opt-in might grow your list quicker – your database will likely suffer from a higher volume of unsubscribes or potentially even get flagged as spam. When that happens, it negatively affects your overall email deliverability.

Quizzes Drive Qualified Leads

Get the Word Out

If your target audience doesn’t know about your digital promotion, it won’t produce the results you want. Start with marketing your digital promotion through your email database. Depending on which locations are participating, narrow down your audience to specific zip codes or with other important factors.

Enabling Extra Chances for getting friends to enter will quickly increase the reach of your contest. When you have a great prize, your entrants will be eager to share with friends and family for a better chance to win. Additionally, reach out to the local media companies for marketing your promotion. Often their database has the ability to target marketing to the specific audience you’re looking for – this means higher ROI for you.

Email Delivers Participation

Act on Leads Right Away

The best time to reach out to a prospect is when they say they’re interested in your products or services. With digital promotions, you know exactly when someone enters your contest or opts-in to your audience.

While you can maintain central control, make sure your local sales teams are immediately notified of a new prospect. With the Notify and Share feature enabled, they’ll get an email with a link to a secure log-in to see the provided information as soon as a new person opts-in. In addition, have a triggered email sequence ready to send as soon as someone subscribes to your messages.

Deliver Leads to Local Team

As a franchisor, it’s important to take whatever steps you can to help your franchisees. With digital promotions, you can enable your franchisees with a more efficient way to qualify leads quickly.