11 Ideas to Convert & Qualify Leads for Your Home Services Company

by Liz Huff Second Street

The Great Pave Off (Photo Contest)

If you want to find people with old and cracked driveways, this is the way to do it. Tandoi Asphalt & Sealcoating asked entrants to submit their driveway photos for a chance to win $2,500 towards a new driveway. Each photo submitted was a fantastic way to gather detailed information about the potential project. Plus, they included lead-generation questions to further qualify entrants. This contest brought in over $250,000 in business for Tandoi!

Contest Drives BIG Revenue

Home Maintenance Trivia (Quiz)

Universal Windows Direct was interested in finding local homeowners, so this quiz about common home maintenance issues was a perfect fit. A prize of a $50 home improvement store gift card would attract the right audience. To incentivize participation, they enabled extra chances to win for referring friends to enter the contest.

Identify Leads with Quizzes

The Great Front Door Giveaway (Giveaway)

Miller Custom Exteriors, Ohio-based home improvement contractors, wanted to identify local homeowners in need of exterior home improvement projects. A giveaway of a high-end front door (up to $3,500) included questions to quickly qualify leads for their team. The giveaway brought in over 400 email opt-ins for their database and 415 hot leads requested estimates.

Identify Leads with a Giveaway

The Kitchen Style Showdown (Ballot)

This kitchen ballot is an ideal way to highlight the variety of services or products you have available. Ask your audience to vote on their favorite – they’ll learn about your company while you learn what’s most popular. Be sure to include an email opt-in and a few questions to help qualify leads for your sales team.

Highlight Products/Services with Ballots

What’s Your Flooring Style? (Quiz)

The Columbia, MO location of Flooring America used this clever personality quiz to show off the variety of flooring options available to potential buyers. They offered a prize of $250 towards a flooring purchase to one lucky entrant. The quiz registration form included great qualifying questions as well as an email opt-in and optional Facebook Like button to spur future communication efforts.

Quizzes Drive Qualified Leads

Win $2,500 in Leaflock Gutters (Giveaway)

Creative Home Technologies, a Wisconsin based home exterior company, wanted to let the community know they carried and installed Leaflock Gutters. The prize of $2,500 in Leaflock Gutters would be valuable to their target market. The registration form also included questions about home ownership and future projects. The leads from this contest brought in over $10,000 of sales for the business.

Use Giveaway to Attract Target Audience

Test Your Mosquito Knowledge (Quiz)

The Mosquito Joe of Jacksonville, FL wanted to identify local homeowners who could benefit from their services. A quiz about mosquitos would interest the right people, and the lead-gen questions would help qualify the entrants for their sales team. To generate more sales, they included a thank-you coupon to all quiz takers.

Educate your audience with quizzes

Win a $2,500 Closet Remodel (Photo Contest)

Looking to find locals in need of a complete closet remodel, the Closet Factory in NC ran a photo contest with the prize of a $2,500 closet remodel to one lucky winner. The contest registration form included an email opt-in for the franchisee. Plus, each photo submitted showed the sales team the exact type of remodel that would be needed.

Qualify leads with photo contests

LED Landscape Lighting Giveaway (Giveaway)

When COVID-19 hit, the Mr. Electric in Fort Wayne, IN needed sales leads more than ever. A giveaway of a $4,000 lighting package included an email opt-in and lead-gen questions on the registration form. Promoted via the local radio station, Mr. Electric identified 200+ hot leads to reach out to right away.

WMEE-FM ran a campaign for local outdoor lighting company, Mr. Electric.

The Backsplash Bracket (Bracket)

If you have a variety of services or products to offer your customers, a bracket is a great way to highlight all of them. As users click through to each matchup, they’ll learn about something new you offer. Include an email opt-in and lead-generating questions to generate a lead list and add a valuable, relevant prize to attract the right audience.

Highlight Products with Brackets

Should I Repair or Replace My Roof? (Quiz)

Sometimes your potential customers may not know they need your services. A quiz like this that poses questions about whether or not their roof is in need of repair is perfect for helping educate your audience and drive awareness about your business. With a lead-gen question and email opt-in, this quiz identified 32 people looking to replace or repair their roof, gutters, or siding in the next year.

Quizzes Educate and Drive Leads