4 Fields to Include on Your Registration Page

by Ellen Trunk Second Street


Capturing your participants email address is essential. This will allow you to communicate with them throughout the length of your promotion though thank-you emails, winner announcement emails, or even don’t-forget-to-vote emails.


Finding out your entrants name allows you to add a personal touch. Use your participant’s first name to personalize any email communications you send to them. This little bit of personalization can dramatically increase your open rate.

Email Opt-In.

An email opt-in is necessary if you want to be able to contact your users with future marketing campaigns. Including an email opt-in for your sponsor will also increase the value of your promotion and encourage them to run engagement campaigns with you in the future. But, crafting the perfect email opt-in is an art form, so make sure you know the dos and don’ts before you start.

Zip Code.

While users are often hesitant to provide their full address, requesting a zip code is a great alternative to still collecting useful data. With the zip code data, you can reach out to advertisers who’d be interested in those specific users. Did you know most people won’t travel more than 12 minutes to go to the gym or 17 minutes to reach a restaurant?

While these are four of the most important fields to consider, if you’ve got a great prize, you can even ask a bit more. By also including birthdate and gender, you can target your engagement campaigns and emails even more. If you’re looking to provide even more value to your advertiser, consider adding on a couple of specific survey questions too.

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