Advertiser Sweepstakes Generates $13K for Station

by Liz Huff Second Street

Case Study Highlights

  • Station generates $13,000 in revenue
  • Advertiser makes $100,000 in profit
  • Collected 562 new email addresses
  • Doubled Facebook Likes in two weeks


The Idea

Entercom New Orleans, part of Entercom Radio, is a DMA 51 radio cluster in New Orleans, Louisiana. Entercom is a radio group with more than 100 stations in 23 US markets.

A local community bank was looking for a way to launch their brand new gift card program before the holidays. The bank hoped to sell at least 500 MasterCard gift cards at an average price point of $25-$50 per card, but they also wanted to double their Facebook Likes and grow their email database.

Entercom New Orleans knew just what to do to help the bank achieve their objectives: a $500 Gift Card Sweepstakes.

The Execution

An integrated program was designed to activate Entercom New Orleans’ radio audience. Their sponsorship package included the following:

  • Terrestrial and internet radio spots
  • 2 emails to the station’s database
  • Display ads
  • Mobile ads within the station’s app
  • Social media mentions

All of the advertising made sure to not only mention the contest, but also include that people could finish their holiday shopping early by purchasing a gift card from the bank.

Entercom New Orleans increased engagement by providing all contest entrants with a unique URL to share with their friends in order to receive more entries. This social sharing incentive also helped the contest go viral on Facebook.

The local community bank published Facebook posts with calls to action to enter all through the 4-week promotion.


The Results

Entercom generated $13,000 for their role in the sweepstakes, and the results surpassed all of the bank’s expectations.

The bank didn’t just meet their goals of selling 500 $25-$50 cards – as a result of the sweepstakes, the bank sold more than 1,000 gift cards at an average price point of $130. This mean $100,000 in revenue for the bank. The contest was such a huge success for the bank that they ran out of gift-cards and had to go get more.


Furthermore, while the bank had a Facebook presence for 4 years, they managed to double their Facebook Likes in the first 2 weeks of the promotion.


Finally, thanks to a 46% opt-in rate, the bank also gained 562 new emails for their own promotional database. Talk about win-win-win!

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