Why Every Team Needs Promotions Sales Training

by Julie Foley Second Street

What IS Promotions Sales Training?

When you sell online promotions to advertisers, you will still be prospecting, pitching, and overcoming objections. However, the criteria and language you use is slightly different.

Since promotions can help advertisers achieve specific goals – like lead generation, database growth, foot traffic, customer data collection, or social media engagement – you need to have a firm understanding of what those goals are and how to talk to advertisers about the ways in which promotions can help achieve them.

Furthermore, unlike traditional media advertising, online promotions collect a large amount of data. In order to sell most effectively, you need to be in a position to understand how valuable this data is, and to communicate that value to advertisers. You also need to be able to design promotions that will collect it most effectively. An additional skill is the ability to filter out the information that is not relevant and focus only on what will make the biggest impact for the advertiser.

Finally, the follow-up meeting after a promotion is more important than ever before, due in large part to the volume of data you are able to collect and the specific results you are able to achieve. You can take advantage of the meetings to not only gauge the advertiser’s reaction to the promotion, but also to present data illustrating how you helped them achieve goals and to set yourself up for additional sales opportunities in the future.

With Promotions Training, YOU Can be the Expert

With the most up-to-date training, you can be an experienced guide who will help advertisers understand the opportunity around promotions and how they can be used to achieve their goals.

Your experience makes you good, but training can make you great.