5 Proven Ways to Engage Your Travel Audience

by Liz Huff Second Street

Win a Trip to (Insert really cool destination here)

Who doesn’t want to win a free getaway? With a low barrier to entry, a vacation sweepstakes is a quick way to grow your email database. Even though your participants are in it for the grand prize, a thank you coupon can make everyone a winner. If you offer a coupon for a special discount, you could entice more people to engage with your advertisers.


Where should you take your next vacation?

It’s a distinct possibility that a lot of your audience wants to get away but they don’t know where quite yet. This quiz will help get the wheels turning on their vacation planning. Even for those that don’t have the time for a trip, imagining that perfect vacation could be a fun break in their busy schedules.

Name the Famous Destination

People always love testing their knowledge. Put in some famous vacation spots, and maybe even sneak in a couple lesser known locations to pique your audience’s interest.

What Type of Hotel is Right For You?

This is a quiz that can provide invaluable insights on your audience’s hotel preferences. If you include an an email opt-in, or a question about future travel plans, your quiz will return some substantial leads for your sponsor!

What’s Your Vacation Personality?

Light packer? Over prepared? Flying solo? Everyone has a different approach to taking on the world around them. A personality quiz is the perfect way for someone to fully understand their inner spirit-traveler.

I hope you’ve been inspired by these quiz ideas, and plan on implementing some ideas of your own. Remember, quizzes and sweepstakes are rife with opportunity to learn about your users, and improve your existing content. If you make sure your interactive content is aligned with your current content strategy, you will be well on your way to reaching some key marketing goals.

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