Do’s and Don’ts of Using Email for Promotions

by Tim D'Avis Second Street

DO send a dedicated email.

Email is the #1 traffic driver of promotions conversions, so sending a dedicated email to announce your promotion or interactive content is a must.


DON’T stuff copy with tons of links.

While it may seem like including lots of links throughout the message would help boost engagement, the reality is that less is more. Lots of links are difficult to navigate on desktop and practically un-clickable when on a mobile device.


DO create emails with one call-to-action.

Develop all of your emails with the mindset of one-click, one call-to-action. Make your emails easily scannable at a glance. The simpler it is, the more clicks you’ll receive.


DON’T design with one big image.

Images are great, but many email clients won’t display them. Designing your email with one large image can lead to a very unattractive message that users may automatically delete without a second look.


DO optimize for use on mobile.

As of May 2016, 56% of email is opened on mobile devices. All emails must be optimized for mobile, including creating buttons and links big enough to click. The human finger is approximately 26×26 pixels, so links should be at least that size or bigger.


DON’T change your from name.

Keeping your from name consistent will help alleviate confusion from your readers as well as from their email providers. Whatever you pick, make sure it’s clear, consistent, and recognizable.


DO personalize your subject lines.

You only have two to three seconds to hook your reader’s attention. Personalization is powerful, so try including the user’s name or specifying their city to catch their eye in their crowded inbox.


DON’T overlook the pre-header text.

The pre-header text is often overlooked, but represents valuable email real estate. Use this as space to highlight exclusive offers, prizes, or additional information about the campaign.


DO keep your tone conversational.

Write your copy and subject-line with a conversational tone and keep things brief. When you only have a few seconds to connect with the reader, it’s important to hook them quickly. Limit your emails to only a few sentences and write as if you’re talking to that person individually, not to an entire email list.


Email is powerful. Make sure you’re ready to make the most of every email you send by just making these few simple adjustments.

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