The Power of Your Cross-Departmental Team

by Liz Huff Second Street

Creating a strong, lasting engagement program is not a solo effort – it’s more like a relay race. You need an entire team with their own strengths all giving 100%.

For many media companies, the ball is getting dropped. Their missing storytelling opportunities and chances to collect user-generated content to support your editorial initiatives. Engaging your content and programming departments is crucial to maximizing your promotions and interactive content strategy.

There’s a larger opportunity out there than just your sales team. It’s time to engage your entire media company and get them all just as excited about promotions and interactive content as you are.

For your sports department, think of what engagement campaigns could do for them. Just focusing on football, there are a ton of possibilities.

Not only do these complement the stories your editorial and programming staff is already producing, but they can engage an audience in an entirely new way. Plus, your sports personalities can talk about them on-air and in their columns.


Sam Tongue is the Director of Digital Content at Federated Media, and he’s well versed in making engagement campaigns that span across departments.

Working with his editorial team, Sam has developed a quiz engagement strategy. The editorial team has a goal to produce ten quizzes a month – that’s a lot of content. And, digital content producers are loving the results – Not only are engagement campaigns searchable on the web, but they’re easy and fun to create and provide a fresh take to your regular content.

Sam says that your audience needs some variety. You can’t feed someone broccoli all day, every day and hope to keep them excited and engaged with what you’re serving. The same is true for your content.

When you have an engaged audience, they’ll keep coming back for your content. At Federated Media, they think of their audience by saying, “We want fans, not flybys.” Sam says they don’t want people just stopping in every once and awhile, they want people who are routinely checking for more content.


Promotions and interactive content are giving fresh alternatives to content and editorial teams. It’s time to stop working in silos and see how you can start involving all the departments of your company. When everyone is involved, you’ll be able to achieve more success than ever before.