Proven Tips for Email Growth During COVID-19

by Tim D'Avis Second Street

Key Takeaways

Use Existing Lists & Newsletters

If you have important information to share, consider making this a key element in your existing newsletters. Additionally, you can leverage your existing lists when looking for an audience to begin sending your content to.

Create Pop-Up Newsletters for the Moment

Sometimes you have news to cover over a limited time. Whether it’s regarding COVID-19, a weather event, or a sports tournament. Pop-up newsletters are designed to highlight these limited-series topics and drive incredibly high engagement rates.

Encourage Feedback & Participation

During this time, your audience’s input is more crucial than ever. Use your subject lines and the content of your emails to encourage your audience to say how you can serve them better. When possible, provide them with interactive elements to learn more and show their support.

Review Your Automated Emails

With so many people, businesses, and events being affected by COVID-19, it’s important to be sure your messages are respectful of the changing atmosphere. Review all of your previously created emails – birthday messages, drip campaigns, etc. – and be sure their tone and messaging is still relevant and consistent with recommended state guidelines.

Make Sure Your Opt-Ins are Everywhere

TownNews is reporting news sites are seeing a 48% spike or greater in unique visitors, and is reporting a 63% increase in subscriptions in the US. Make sure you’re giving your audience the opportunity to receive your newsletters.

Use Interactive Content to Engage & Drive Sign-ups

You’re producing great content, and it’s important to get it out to as many people as possible. Use engaging, interactive content like quizzes, brackets, photo contests, and more to grow your email database and learn about your audience to inform future content.

Seek Out Natural Sponsors & Partners

Many advertisers are still spending during this time, and you can find businesses which are natural fits for campaign sponsorships. Healthcare, home services, financial institutions, and education are all industries to consider for potential advertising partnerships.

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