Proven Ideas to Engage Your Broadcast Audience

by Liz Huff Second Street

Key Takeaways

1. Increase Time Spent Listening & Viewing
See how emails, codeword sweepstakes, and even photo contests can drive your audience to spend time with your core media.

Find out How to Drive Listening and Viewing

2. Improve Station Website Engagement
Whether you want to boost page views or increase time spent on site, promotions like ballots, photo contests, and brackets are proving a big success for many stations.

See how you can increase your website engagement

3. Promote Your Talent
Quizzes are a creative and fun way for your audience to learn more about your show hosts and personalities.

See how you can promote your station talent

4. Create New Content & Enhance Current Content
Whether you’re looking for a creative way to tell a story or an opportunity to let your audience weigh in on an important topic, promotions can deliver the results you want.

Ideas to Create and Promote Station Content

5. Provide Unique Experiences
You have many unique opportunities unavailable to other media companies. While relatively inexpensive for your prize budgets, these VIP experiences can be a priceless prize for your audience to win – don’t undervalue them!

Ideas to use your unique experiences to get results

6. Increase Social Presence
The more followers you get on social, the more people you can convert into your known audience. Promotions are incredibly social and shareable campaigns.

Find out how you can maximize your social media presence

7. Extend Your Station Brand Off Air
Your challenge is to be everywhere your audience is and to meet them on each platform they’re on. Promotions and email are excellent at keeping your brand top of mind.

Get tips for taking your brand off air

8. Drive Newsletter Opt-Ins
The more people who subscribe to your newsletter positively impacts all your other initiatives. If you want to grow a targeted list, create a promotion relevant to this audience and be sure to include an opt-in!

Ideas for Increasing Newsletter Subscribers

9. Collect First-Party Data & Understand Your Audience
Data is the currency of our times, and first-party data is the most valuable. Every promotion can be an opportunity to learn more about your audience.

First-party data is invaluable to your company

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