9 Statistics to Reinforce Your Branded Content Strategy

by Liz Huff Second Street

Branded Content is 22x more engaging than display ads

Banner blindness is real and click-through-rates are low right now. You need to be engaging and become what people are interested in and not something that’s distracting them.

Branded Content drives higher brand recall than pre-roll ads

Video is powerful, yet Branded Content is outperforming pre-roll ads. Nielsen Reports found that Branded Content resulted in 86% higher brand recall than the 65% for pre-roll ads.

Branded Content drives consumer intention and interest

Someone that is engaging with you at this level is much more significant than someone who sees a banner ad. IPG Media Lab reports users are 14% more likely to seek additional content from an advertiser after interacting with the first piece of content.

“Not only were they engaged with the first piece of content, but they were 14% more likely to go back and find more information about that business.”

Julia CampbellBranded Content Project Lead, Local Media Association

Brand recall is 59% higher for Branded Content than other digital ads

Whether you have a client looking to roll out a new product or an advertiser struggling to explain a complicated process, content may be the solution where traditional display ad won’t cut it.

Branded Content distributed through premium publishers sees 50% higher brand lift

This is a huge opportunity for your media company. Julia says, “It’s all about trust. It’s about positioning your client with an important brand in your community… The most important influencer in your market.”

90% of media groups expect their Branded Content revenue to increase over the next 12 months

With everything happening in the world right now, your advertisers have many new stories to tell. Now is the time to position yourself for this big Branded Content opportunity that’s coming.

Native Advertising is predicted to exceed $402 billion by 2025

Due to COVID-19, we actually expect that Branded Content – also known as Native Advertising – will likely exceed this $402 billion even sooner. This longer-form advertising is much more important than it was just a few months ago.

74.5% of communications professionals include Branded Content in their campaigns

No matter how effective Branded Content is, it should still be an element of an even more comprehensive campaign. When you create a powerful multi-media campaign, you can drive huge revenue.

67% of companies selling Branded Content expect their clients to spend even more with them next year.”

Julia CampbellBranded Content Project Lead, Local Media Association

More consumers trust premium publishers than trust news content on Facebook and Twitter

While social media is great, local media publishers have spent their lifetime building trust with their audience. When you share content from your clients, your audience knows they can trust you.

Have you, your team, or your boss questioned whether Branded Content fits your company’s initiatives? Armed with these statistics, you can clearly make your case for investing in a Branded Content strategy.

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