Borrell: 4 Latest Trends For Email and Promotions

by Liz Huff Second Street

Advertisers Shift Spending to Digital

Based on the survey, only 3% of advertisers are planning to cut or eliminate budgets for digital advertising. This is compared to 30% for newspapers, 24% for radio, and 19% for broadcast TV. With this in mind, offering digital products is a key opportunity for you to grow business from current and prospective advertisers.


Email is a High Priority for Advertisers

The importance of email and having a strong email database continues to rise. In fact, local advertisers list email marketing as one of their most effective local marketing channels. Most local advertisers send at least one marketing email per month and 46% of advertisers send targeted email.


Advertisers Need Help with Email Marketing

Most advertisers handle email marketing in-house yet 66% of them consider themselves as generally inexperienced. Borrell believes that helping local advertisers with email marketing is a huge opportunity for media companies. This includes helping businesses grow their email lists as well as potentially handling their email sending for them.


Promotions Growth Fueled by Measurable Results

When survey takers were asked if they rely more on data or their gut when it comes to a myriad of advertising techniques, Borrell found that they rely more on their gut when it comes to traditional media. However, they relied more on data for digital services such as promotions. Promotions allow media companies to access the huge opportunity around this data driven marketing spend. Offering solutions that you can not only report on but actually drive measurable results is the way to win new business from new advertisers and expand existing business with those you already have strong rapport with today.


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