4 Tips for Creating and Sending Better Client Emails

by Tim D'Avis Second Street

Key Takeaways

Edit and focus copy for clarity around one thought

Organize your email to be clean and focused around one thought. Keep your subject lines short and front-loaded on the first 30-40 characters.

Better Client Emails - focus content

Give recipients a clear next (digital) action to take

Consider the action you want readers to take and create one call to action (CTA). This could be signing up for a newsletter, downloading an app, booking an appointment, or sharing feedback.

5. Use a clear and compelling CTA

Stop blasting (and wasting) your lists

Your content is not the only thing that affects your email success. You need to make sure the people receiving your email actually want the content.

ISPs (Google, Yahoo, Outlook, etc.) track your relationship to your lists. Unwanted emails damage your ability to reach your audience. Untargeted emails put you at risk for complaints and opt-outs. This is why you need to segment your email database and send relevant content only to people who want it.

ISPs Track Your Relationship to Your Lists

Promotion follow-ups and birthday campaigns can improve performance

Follow-up emails create an additional touchpoint for you and the user. This could be a digital coupon for an above average discount, relevant app or content downloads, or a link to purchase an item online.

Follow-up emails - digital coupons

Focusing the copy, creative, and segmenting of your emails is a surefire way to improve your email program results! Check out the full Office Hours session above, and if you have questions, chat with a member of the Success team using the chat box in the right corner of the Lab.

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