Best Quizzes from the 2020 Awards

by Liz Huff Second Street

Garrett Popcorn Quizzes

Chicago Tribune | Chicago, IL

*2019 Second Street Award – Best Quiz Winner

The Chicago Tribune had a goal to boost digital revenue from their print advertisers and they did just that with this quiz for gourmet popcorn shop, Garrett Popcorn. They created this “Which Garrett Popcorn Shop Recipe Best Suits Your Personality?’ quiz to generate buzz and align with the Chicago Tribune audience. They included a 20% discount coupon to everyone who participated and, utilizing an email opt-in, 84% of participants signed up for the sponsor’s email list. And to top it off, the paper generated $15,000 in digital sponsorship revenue from this campaign!

Garrett Popcorn Quizzes Chicago Tribune

Hurricane Season Quiz

Wilmington Star-News | Wilmington, NC

The Wilmington Star-News’ Hurricane Season quiz was the perfect opportunity to educate their audience on some hurricane facts. They secured sponsorships from three local businesses, including roofing, insurance, and electric supply companies. The quiz was taken over 700 times and 82% of users opt-ed in for emails from the paper. The insurance company identified 62 users who asked for a “free all-inclusive insurance quote from an experienced agent to make sure I’m covered in case of a storm”, and 76 users asked to be contacted by the roofing company!

Hurricane Season Quiz

Weekly News Trivia

Albany Times Union | Albany, NY

This weekly quiz from the Albany Times Union tested their readers’ knowledge of the week’s local, national, and world news. Various departments across the paper work together to create a unique 10-question quiz to engage their audience week after week. These quizzes are often sponsored by local businesses, which is a great way for them to align with the paper and generate awareness in their community. To drive engagement, they gave away a $25 Visa gift card to one random participant each week. On average, each weekly quiz collects over 1,500 entries and has an average 95% opt-in rate for the paper’s email list. The paper drove $4,000 in sponsorship revenue from this quiz in 2019.

Weekly News Trivia Albany Times Union

Cruise Travel Outlet

WWKLB-FM | Boston, MA

WKLB-FM created this quiz for The Cruise Travel Outlet, a local cruise outlet, to test users’ on their knowledge of travel trivia. 750 users took the quiz and each received an exclusive cruise offer. One randomly selected user won a gift card to a local seafood restaurant. The station generated $10,000 in sponsorship revenue from this campaign!

Cruise Travel Outlet WKLB-FM

Which Fall Activity Are You?

WNEP-TV | Moosic, PA

The team at WNEP-TV utilized the ‘Which Fall Activity Are You?’ turnkey to easily create this personality quiz for their advertiser, Roba Family Farms, a local pumpkin patch. The advertiser was looking to boost engagement and drive website traffic, and push users to their Facebook page.

They gave away a family four-pack of tickets (valued at about $115) to attract a targeted audience. The station saw 82% of users opt-ed into their email list and 80% opt-ed in for emails from the sponsor. They used this newly established email database to send out an email blast promoting the advertisers upcoming events. And, utilizing lead-generation questions, the sponsor was able to collect valuable consumer information, such as if they had visited the attraction before. This simple program generated over $2,000 in less than a month for the station!

Which Fall Activity Are You? WNEP-TV |

Bertucci’s What Kind Of Pizza Are You?

WBZ-FM | Boston, MA

This pizza personality quiz from WBZ-FM was sponsored by a local Italian chain to promote their pizzas. The quiz was a fun way to engage station listeners with a fun quiz while promoting the restaurant. Both the station and sponsor were able to grow their email lists, as the entry form included email opt-ins. This was a month-long campaign and generated $6,000 in revenue for the station.
Bertucci's What Kind Of Pizza Are You?

How Much Do You Know About Tax Basics?

WKYX-FM | Paducah, KY

This turnkey tax trivia quiz from WKYX-FM and their advertiser, a local tax office, was a great campaign to capitalize on the buzz around tax day. The advertiser utilized an email opt-in and lead-generation questions on the entry form to grow their email database, learn more about users, and identify leads.

How Much Do You Know About Tax Basics?

Know Your Beef Quiz

KYTV-TV | Springfield, MO

This ‘Know Your Beef’ quiz was a fun way for KYTV-TV to engage their audience with Missouri Beef Industry Council, the campaign sponsor. The quiz included a sweepstakes for a chance to win great prizes. Two local businesses sponsored the prizes, an outdoor home store which provided a grand prize of a $560 prize package, and a local sports bar provided $25 gift certificates as daily prizes to encourage participation. The quiz was taken over 1,600 times and about 50% of users opt-ed in for each of the sponsors email lists!

Know Your Beef Quiz

Quizzes are one of the most versatile tools you have in your promotions toolkit. Make sure you’re ready to take advantage of all these great opportunities.

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