Level Up Your Ballot Sales Process – Package, Pitch, & Handle Advertiser Objections

by Julie Foley Second Street

Key Takeaways

Set Your Sales Goals

Setting a high goal total for your Best Of is great – but that big number can be daunting to even the best sales team. Set out sales goals for each phase of your ballot. Then break those down into monthly or weekly targets. The more you can break these down, the more attainable they’ll be to your team.

Sales Packages

Keep your sales packages simple. The more value you show, the more you can charge. Ensure your team always knows the value of your Best Of when you provide specific sales materials for each phase of your ballot. Train your sales team on how to explain the value and benefits of each ballot package.

The Pitch

Do everything you can to ensure your sales team’s success. When it comes to pitching your sales packages, provide them with a script they can customize that highlights the benefits of being a part of your Best Of. Each phase of your ballot should be presented in a different way, so create scripts for each stage.

Overcoming Objections

Even if your sales team has a great package and a perfect pitch, some advertisers will likely still object. Gather your team together and talk through the most common objections your team gets. Rehearsing your response to an objection is the best way to feel confident in your response.

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