Level Up Your Ballot Sales Process – The Best Categories for Your Best Of

by Julie Foley Second Street

Key Takeaways

Audit Your Ballot

We suggest your Best Of should have 8 groups and about 150 categories. Consider which categories drive the most engagement, the most revenue, or offer potential revenue opportunities. Try removing categories from your Best Of that would make a great standalone niche ballot later in the year like Family Favorites, Weddings, Professional/Employers.

Create a Hit List

Let’s talk about the elephant in the room: restaurants. They have never spent the same as other categories, and your Best Of’s revenue success was never reliant on them. Target the top 20 business categories that show up in more than three categories, are incredibly competitive, and historically buy packages – healthcare, home services, legal, insurance, and real estate.

Have an Inbound Marketing Strategy

Start by creating a landing page to drive lead-gen for your sales teams. This page should include important information, tips, and tools businesses can use to solicit votes from their patrons. If you’re making social media graphics or other collateral businesses can use, put that behind a survey form set up with a Notify and Share opt-in to deliver hot leads.

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