75 Ideas for April Holidays

by Liz Huff Second Street

Monthly Holidays in April

Lawn & Garden Month

baby got backyard photo contest

Decorating Month

  • What’s Your Home Decor Personality? Quiz (turnkey available)
  • Room Makeover Photo Contest
  • Dream Decor Sweepstakes

Home Decor Personality Quiz

Daily Holidays in April

April 1

April Fool’s Day

  • Comedy Show Tickets Sweepstakes
  • Which April Fool’s Prank Should You Pull? Quiz (turnkey available)

april fools quiz

Fun Day

  • Family Fun Favorites Ballot
  • Amusement Park Ticket Sweepstakes
  • Best Joke Video Contest

Fair Ticket Giveaway

April 2

Children’s Book Day

  • Favorite Children’s Book Poll
  • Test Your Children’s Book Knowledge Trivia Quiz
  • Family Library Selfie Photo Contest
  • Childhood Books Bracket Battle

April 4


DIY Success and fails photo contest

April 5

Deep Dish Pizza Day

  • Test Your Deep Dish Pizza IQ Quiz
  • Let’s Dish: Best Deep Dish Pizza in [City] Ballot

deep dish pizza ballot

Walk to Work Day

  • Show Us Your Walk to Work Photo Contest
  • Fitness Tracker Giveaway (turnkey available)
  • Will You Participate in Walk to Work Day? Poll

Walk to Work Day Poll

April 7

Beer Day

  • Test Your Beer Knowledge Quiz (turnkey available)
  • Craft Beer or Domestic? Poll
  • Battle of the Brews Ballot
  • Win a Craft Beer Tour Sweepstakes
  • Brew Bracket Challenge

phoenix battle of the brews ballot

No Housework Day

  • Free House Cleaning for a Year Sweepstakes
  • What is Your House Cleaning Personality? Quiz

jacksonville cleaning quiz

World Health Day

healthcare heroes ballot

April 8

Zoo Lovers Day

  • Family Membership to the Zoo Sweepstakes
  • Seen at the Zoo Photo Contest
  • Favorite Animal at the Zoo Poll
  • What Zoo Animal are You? Quiz

columbus zoo quiz

April 10

Sibling Day

  • Silly Siblings Photo Contest
  • Celebrity Sibling Trivia Quiz
  • Sibling Day Sweepstakes

sibling photo contest

April 11

Pet Day

  • Cutest Pets Photo Contest (turnkey available)
  • Which Pet is Right for You? Quiz
  • Pet Food Giveaway
  • Best of Pets Ballot

Best of Pets Ballot

April 12


  • Pictures with the Easter Bunny Photo Contest
  • Do You Know Easter Trivia? Quiz (turnkey available)
  • Easter Dinner Giveaway

amarillo easter ham sweeps

Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day

  • Cheesin’ with my Grilled Cheese Photo Contest
  • Best Grilled Cheese in [City] Ballot
  • What Type of Grilled Cheese are You? Quiz
  • Battle of the Cheesiest Bracket

grilled cheese quiz

April 16

Wear Your Pajamas to Work Day

  • Show Off Your Work Day PJs Photo Contest
  • Will You Wear Your PJs to Work? Poll

pjs at work poll

April 18

Husband Appreciation Day

  • How Do You Show Your Appreciation? Poll
  • Cutest Couple Photo Contest
  • Husband Appreciation Day Sweepstakes

Record Store Day

  • Record Store Day Gift Pack Sweepstakes
  • How Will You Celebrate Record Store Day? Quiz
  • Best Local Record Store Ballot

the Pitch record store day quiz

April 19

Bicycle Day

  • Are You a Bike Master? Quiz
  • How Often do You Bike Ride? Poll
  • Cycling Gear Bracket Challenge
  • Win a Bicycle Sweepstakes

electric bike eerider northwest herald copy

April 21

Tea Day

  • Tea for a Year Giveaway
  • What Type of Tea Should You Drink? Quiz

tea day quiz

April 22

Earth Day

  • Are We Doing Enough to Help the Environment? Poll
  • How Much Do You Know about the Environment? Quiz

kansas city environment quiz

April 25

Veterinary Day

  • Best Local Vet Ballot
  • Cutest Pet Photo Contest

cutest pet photo contest

April 26

Pretzel Day

  • Totally Twisted Pretzel Trivia Quiz
  • Pretzels for a Year Giveaway
  • Best Pretzel Topping Poll

pretzel poll

Get Organized Day

  • Neat Freak or Clutter Bug? Quiz
  • Save My Closet! Photo Contest
  • Win a Complete Home Organization System Sweepstakes

Home Organization Giveaway

April 29

International Dance Day

  • Dance Lesson Sweepstakes
  • Best High School Dance Team Ballot
  • Cutest Little Dancer Video Contest
  • What Dance Move Describes You? Quiz


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